Lambretta Bearing, rear hub with hub seal and sealing O ring, Race-Tour, MB


This is our MB Race-Tour rear hub bearing which fits all Series 1, 2 and 3 Lambrettas.

A quality bearing to suit standard or tuned scooters. 

Now comes with slight improvments that standard bearings don't come with.

Comes with a MB seal and now comes with a special O ring to help seal the bearing in place in the casing, the bearing now has a recess to locate the O ring.

Uses standard size rear hub seal 32 x 45 x 6mm

Lambretta Bearing, rear hub with hub seal and sealing O ring, Race-Tour, MB
  • Lambretta Bearing, rear hub with hub seal and sealing O ring, Race-Tour, MB
  • Lambretta Bearing, rear hub with hub seal and sealing O ring, Race-Tour, MB
  • Lambretta Bearing, rear hub with hub seal and sealing O ring, Race-Tour, MB

£ 23.20
Price: £ 19.33 Ex Vat

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  • Comes with chamfers making fitting the seal easier and safer on the inner lip, seal fits in the bearing easier
  • Comes with a new inner O ring to stop oil coming through from the gearbox
  • Uses a standard rear hub size seal
  • Bearing outer sizes are slightly bigger to make a tighter fitting bearing



  • Pre heat the engine casing in the bearing area
  • If you want smear a small amount of silicone/gasket sealer on the bearing before fitting
  • Drop/tap the bearing in place, whilst still hot fit the thick rear hub bearing plate and nip the 4 nuts, this will pull the bearing in place and crush the new O ring
  • When the casing cools, remove the plate, oil the inner bearing race where the seal lip goes, leave the outer face on the bearing dry and push the seal in place, if its tight hammer down equally  

Reviews ( 4 )


5 star 1. Andy A 17 Jun 2012 

Real quality bearing, if it runs and lasts as well as I think it will it's an absolute bargain. I've had What dealers say are quality Italian rear hub bearings but they were terrible compared to this one, and it comes with a seal as well. Nice one MB.


5 star 2. Craig M 12 Jan 2014 

Like every MRB product its top quality this. It went in just like Mark said, simply heat the case and it'll drop right in. Mark also said NOT to freeze the bearing so I didn't and he was spot on. Thanks Mark for another quality performance part.


5 star 3. Steve K 01 Jun 2017 

Does what it says on the tin quality part handy that it comes with the seal too


5 star 4. Nathan 31 Mar 2019 

Brilliant great quality.

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John on 18 Sep 2019 asked "Hi Mark. Just received mine in the post. The o ring and seal are already fitted on bearing. Do I need to pop them out to grease or just grease them on the outside. Especially the main seal? Thanks"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: The seal is lubricated, but a drop of oil around the balls wouldnt hurt, the O ring you can fit as is

James M on 27 Apr 2019 asked "In your tech site, you recommend warming the engine casing before you fit this bearing. Is there any danger we might melt the large O ring? Thanks, Jim"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: You don't need to get the casing that hot, even if you did the casing would cool so fast it wouldn't damage the O ring

Nick on 24 Jan 2017 asked "Hi i bought this part a while ago and want to put it in my new engine- It's : "Bearing, rear hub with hub seal, MB MBP0275K" It came with seals on both sides of the bearing - your newer bearing doesnt show the inner seal- not a seal? i realize its not a seal - just need to know if i should pull out?( "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Rear hub bearings should only have one seal fitted on the outer side. Not sure what you are talking about with an inner seal. Maybe you are confused with a drive bearing?

Steven b on 30 May 2012 asked "Hi, Daft question, just purchased one of these and I'm wondering whether the white plastic insert on the opposite side of the seal (internal) gets removed before the bearing is fitted or does it stay in. Thanks, these "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: It to hold the roller bearing in, so leave as it is

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