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MRB specialise in the Li range of Lambrettas, that is to say everything from the LI series 1 through to the GP and beyond into parts for Spanish and Indian made Lambrettas.

We do not keep parts for TV series 1, A,B,C,D,LC,LD,E,F, J range or lui range scooters - we leave that to others.

We scour the world for decent Lambretta spares. We are wise enough to have learned that Italian parts are not the be all and end all. We sell parts from Italy, the UK, India, Spain, the USA, Japan and Vietnam. Although remade parts for a scooter that has been out of production for many years can be hit or miss we are confident that the spares we sell are good enough, on the basis that we would use them ourselves (and we are all fussy).

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Lambretta Petrol (fuel) tap, fast flow (big bore) with rear exit

Italian made rear exit fast flow petrol tap, these taps eliminate the problem of the fuel outlet pipe fouling on the left-hand side engine... [more]

£ 18.84£ 15.70 (Ex Vat)