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We stock over 316 Carburation

Carburation can be a bit of a black art, especially on tuned scooters. MRB share their expertise by only stocking carburettors we have used ourselves so we know what works and what doesn't. We keep a full range of spares for all the carburettors we sell. We provide a back up service on carburation that is 2nd to none. Most dealers have asked us about jetting at some point! We don't supply spares for standard types carburettors (apart from main jets). There are several reasons for this but the main one is that we do not think that standard type carburettors are "up to the job" in the 21st century. They are either worn out, unsuitable for use on tuned scooters or else you are looking at poorly made copies of standard carburettors.

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Dellorto Snake head swivel carb top, PHBL and PWK 28-30

This innovative carburettor top is a neat solution to throttle cable routing for most applications on vespas and lambrettas.    Most carburettors used for performance upgrades... [more]

£ 33.83£ 28.19 (Ex Vat)
Lambretta Inlet manifold, large block, MB Shorty reed valve (block) manifold only, MB

New from MB carrying on from our original 1980's reed block.    This new new cast alloy 4/6 petal inlet manifold was designed to fit all... [more]

£ 67.73£ 56.44 (Ex Vat)
Lambretta Air filter (foam) cone type for large carbs, fits against side panel

This cone air filter can be modified by cutting a small hole just big enough to squeeze tightly over the carbs bell mouth, which... [more]

£ 14.59£ 12.16 (Ex Vat)
Dellorto Needle set (kit) PHBL, bgm

This handy box contains 10 very commonly used D type needles, as used in PHBL carburettors. ... [more]

£ 12.42£ 10.35 (Ex Vat)