Lambretta Race-Tour Electronic ignition mounting bracket kit, Series 3, MB


The popularity of electronic ignition systems led to another problem, where to mount the new regulator and coil?

The supplier of the original ignition kit in the late 1980's was quite vague as to where they should be mounted, leading to them being fitted to the floorboard struts, the tool box, bodged brackets etc.

This often left them exposed to road dirt.

We looked at it from the point of view of fitting the coil and regulator neatly without any modification to the frame.

So we came up with our MB electronic mounting bracket kit, which uses the original holes where the old coil mounted.

The bracket puts the coil on the right side of the frame and the regulator on the left, up out of the way, looking like they were supposed to be there.

These now come in a plain alloy finish and can be painted, polished or chrome plated.

They fit genuine Italian type frames, they do not fit some Indian and Spanish frames.

Designed by Mark Broadhurst.

Lambretta Race-Tour Electronic ignition mounting bracket kit, Series 3, MB
  • Lambretta Race-Tour Electronic ignition mounting bracket kit, Series 3, MB
  • Lambretta Race-Tour Electronic ignition mounting bracket kit, Series 3, MB

£ 41.24
Price: £ 34.37 Ex Vat

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5 star 1. Andy A 04 May 2006 

Bought this kit to fit to an Indian GP which had no holes in the frame for a coil, after careful lining up and drilling the kit fits and looks as though it was an original fit item. Top professional looking item as all MB items usually are.


5 star 2. Ken H 04 Mar 2010 

Solid piece of kit and was delivered quickly and efficiently as usual


5 star 3. PAUL D 12 Jul 2018 

Well made part ,rubber isolation , Prompt postage . Excellent service .


5 star 4. K E 15 Jun 2019 

Fitted my Indian GP/ Super Vijay frame perfectly


5 star 5. John C 19 Jun 2019 

Very good quality product


5 star 6. Gary m 01 Dec 2016 

Excellent, good fit,great quality. Takes the regulator away from the mud guard better clearance for wires.


5 star 7. Laurence R 28 May 2020 

Superb quality, great fit & looks good


5 star 8. Stephen H 23 Jul 2020 

This not only fits and functions perfectly but it oozes quality. Very well designed and very well made, far superior to the cheap shiny ones out there, well done MB!


5 star 9. Tim 09 Oct 2020 

Well thought out design, everything looks so much neater.

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Jay on 13 Jun 2017 asked "Will this CDI/regulator bracket require modifying to allow the AC/DC voltage regulator (MBGM0079) to be mounted?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes they are mounting holes to suit

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