Lambretta Electronic ignition regulator/rectifier, 12 volt AC with DC trickle charge, MB


Electronic 12 Volt AC/DC universal regulator/rectifier to suit Lambrettas and Vespas ideal for all electronic 12 Volt ignitions including Vape systems.

The regulator delivers 12 volt AC as well as a trickle charge 12 volt DC for toys etc.

With AC systems you simply have to plug the AC to the wires that lead to the main loom.

With systems using AC and DC to run the electrics, you simply have to separate AC and DC lead wires and connect it to where it is needed.

Comes with;

  • Regulator/Rectifier with sticker wiring on the back, MB
  • Regulator/Rectifier mini wiring loom with correct wire thickness to fit, AC power in, AC power out, DC power out and earth wire with all connectors ready to fit, MB
  • Square mounting rubber to stop vibration, MB

    Fitting instructions

Lambretta Electronic ignition regulator/rectifier, 12 volt AC with DC trickle charge, MB
  • Lambretta Electronic ignition regulator/rectifier, 12 volt AC with DC trickle charge, MB
  • Lambretta Electronic ignition regulator/rectifier, 12 volt AC with DC trickle charge, MB

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  • AC - AC alternating current: IN and OUT for the current delivery of the stator plate and out for the regulated AC current for the wiring loom.
  • SENSE: With this regulator the AC IN and OUT has to be bridged. With the so-called SENSE function the power out is checked by the internals of the regulator with a reference value. So the power output is constant even with alternating load.
  • DC direct current: OUT with DC for charging the battery. With ignition systems capable of high power output consumers can be fed directly. eg. Satnav systems, water pumps, rev counters, speedos and all sort of other toys.
  • DC used without a battery is only half wave so only reads around 6 volts, plenty for small gadgets, if you want to measure full DC you need a small battery in the stsyem for it to load up.
  • Earth: Simple can be taken from the old existing regulator. If there wasn’t an Earth connection, you should install one. Use the Earth out of the regulator and connect it to the frame of the scooter. Make sure this is fitted to a leading piece of the frame, no paint. Ideally you can wire the earth to the body of the regulator additionally.


The DC out put is limited to how many gadgets you can use, you can not use spot lights with this system, you need the full DC conversion

Reviews ( 12 )


5 star 1. John M 01 Jan 2012 

Bought for my battery Vespa (PX). Simple and straight forward to fit (Going from 5 to 4 terminals). Comprehensive instructions included. Seems a quality bit of kit.


5 star 2. Paul c 02 Feb 2012 

fitted one to my series 2 , a doddle to fit using the instructions given charges my sat nav without any problem.. going to fit one to my golden special next...


5 star 3. Phil 24 Feb 2012 

a great piece of quality kit,easy to fit and does what it says, excellent product.


5 star 4. Jason k 04 Sep 2016 

Quality as expected


5 star 5. Chris W 11 Feb 2022 

Just got one to power a SIP speedo on DC. Simple to install and it works very well. Also arrived quickly.


5 star 6. Daz W 10 Nov 2016 

easy to fit and does the job


5 star 7. Steve M 26 Jan 2017 

Great product top quality


5 star 8. Paul B 09 Nov 2017 

Bought this along with the CDI, rubber covers and bracket. Quality all around. A lot smaller than the one I am replacing it with. Perfect!!


5 star 9. Woody 31 Mar 2022 

Easy to fit and definitely a good upgrade to the scootopia variable ignition which never worked. Its great when a product actually does what it says.


5 star 10. Mark 14 Apr 2022 

Super item and lightning fast delivery to the north of Scotland. Unlike other voltage regulators, this one comes with a wiring loom and several wiring option diagrams are available on the MB website. It is also cheaper than most of the regulators available elsewhere. Top job, thanks very much.


5 star 11. Jake k 25 Feb 2023 

fast service ,second unit ive bought ,works well


5 star 12. Fantic M 04 Aug 2023 

I've bought several of these over the past year or so. They work a treat with my 12 volt electronic ignition system on 1970s Fantic mopeds, plus other bikes with Minarelli P4/P6 engines. Easy to fit, the included wiring loom is perfect, as are the instructions. Top quality item and also great service from MB. I'll be back for some more in the future.

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Steve on 24 Jun 2023 asked "Looks similar to what's on my GP 150 I think my one has had its day will this power my horn and lights ? Cheers"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: It would depend if your engine is 6 volt or 12 volt

Sid B on 20 Jun 2023 asked "So I have my new regulator and fitted it all works fine thanks. The system is running AC. Can you tell me if it's as simple as I think if I take a wire from the Red terminal and connect it up to a "˜slave' battery so that I can run a Sat Nav from that battery? Many thanks"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes exactly, but fit a fuse and a switch. Or use a MB ignition switch which does it all

Woody on 12 Mar 2022 asked "Will this work with the scootopia variable 12v kit and if so is there a diagram witj the scootoipa wire colours ? Cheers "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Should work fine, diagrams are in our Tech-Site

Chris W on 26 Jan 2022 asked "Is the DC supply from this suitable to power a SIP speedo? Thanks"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes it should but may turn off at low revs, ideally use a capacitor or small battery to stabilise it

Kelvin S on 29 Jun 2020 asked "Are these the regulators that are made by Scootronics."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes usually

Paul H on 19 Nov 2018 asked "I am wiring up to a indian GP with Varitronic 12v ignition, added battery for tools. Your installation diagram states leave red/white wire disconnected but also states 'battery charge'? Should this not be connected to the regulator terminal that states 'DC 12V output to battery'?? Thanks"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: The Yellow/White wire in feeds the bgm regulator and through the link you get a DC charge as well out Red, so no need for the Red/White wire to be connected

Graham on 20 Jul 2017 asked "Wiring up 12 volt dc system GP200 with BGM STATOR and BGM DC RECTIFIER. What happens to the existing red,grey,brown and purple wires from the loom?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: You have a choice 1) get a DC junction box and fit them to that 2) get a DC battery loom

Mark on 07 Nov 2016 asked "Will this rectifier be OK with a 70+ volt ac stator output from the Yamaha engine in my scoot. Regards Mark."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: I would think so its a universal reg/rec

Nick on 30 Jan 2016 asked "I have just fitted a BGM stator and regulator to my GP 200. It is AC. I also used the red BGM regulator with a AF light flywheel. The lights are really dim. Am I supposed to use a rectifier, or is there something wrong with my new stator?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: You need a Regulator/Rectifier MBGM0079. The LED rear lights really improve brightness MBGM0055

Martin on 30 Sep 2015 asked "Hello, with this regulator and using the DC output without a battery, do I ideally still need to use the capacitor ? Thanks...Martin"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: You don't have to, but it can help stabilise the power feed so there are no spikes, or better still fit a small battery.

Joe on 04 Sep 2015 asked "the regulator has a white plastic housing that looks like it could accept a white plastic plug that the wires were fitted in to make a nice secure connection. Where could I find this plug?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: These come with loose femal covers, if we used the larger 4 plug type it wouldn't go through the stator hole

Chris l on 23 Nov 2013 asked "could i use this on my vespa t5 mk1 also does it replace the 3 pin regulator all together many thanks"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes no problem and yes it replaces the 3 pin Vespa regulator, it comes with instructions

Ian on 14 Oct 2013 asked "can i use this to power a DC horn and DC rear light without a battery on my 12v ac powered lambretta"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes no problem check out our Tech-Site for setting up instuctions

Claude Q on 28 May 2013 asked "could you provide me with a diagram for the connections please? where to connect the 3 white wires from the alternator? the red one from the battery/ the body of the regul is the ground ??"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: This is in our Tech-Site*-bgm-rear-damper/fitting-*-mb-wiring-looms+237.html

Ross W on 14 Feb 2013 asked "Do you have a rubber cover or this item ?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: There is one been made, about 2 months for stock

ColinM on 14 Aug 2012 asked "On a Jet200 12v upgrade (including the BGM v2 stator) with this rectifier, is there an explicit wiring layout somewhere? I don't get mixed circuits (what it looks like from Stickey's diagram and one with rectifier) and want to be sure I don't melt anything."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: There is a wiring diagram here for the rectifier

Paul on 23 May 2012 asked "hi i have a 12v electronic kit on my gp200 and want to use that to power my lights, but wish to put a battery on to run spotlights! will this kit do that and will i need anything else to keep the battery charged? thx paul"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Not that easy as spots would drain the battery quicker than the stator/rectifier can top it up. As this reg/rec is a trickle feed only. If you used LED bulbs in the fogs it should work. Ideally to run spots you need to convert to a full DC system, we have anew stator and rectifier coming soon.

Paul h on 08 Apr 2011 asked "I have a question about "12 volt regulator/rectifier, BGM "please could you tell me, what are the dimensions of the unit .Is it possible to run a combined ac/dc system as an original gp did"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: L = 70mm W = 37mm D = 23mm

Lee m on 15 Feb 2011 asked "I have a question about "12 volt regulator/rectifier, BGM " Am i right in thinking would i be able to take a live feed straight off the dc point on this regulator to give a 12 volt dc live feed for a sat nav if i earthed the neutral on the sat nav "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes the regulator gives a 12V DC feed, which can be used as a power to supply the Sat Nat. Then just earth the Sat Nat, easy. With the bike running it will always charge the Sat Nav.

Paul on 13 Feb 2011 asked "I have a question about "12 volt regulator/rectifier, BGM "hi, maybee im a bit thick but how do you conect the stator wires [un regulated voltage] to the unit, what is the ac in and what is the ac out to suplly the lights etc, and do you use dc wire only if you run a battry or is it the ac output as well?thanks "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: AC in from the Stator. AC out to the loom and lighting circuit. DC goes to DC toys or a battery.

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