Lambretta Electronic ignition coil (CDI) ignition rubber cover, MB


This is a new design from Mark Broadhurst for all Vespa style Electronic CDI coils

Ideal to help keep water and damp from the wiring.

Fits these Electronic CDI coils from

  • BGM
  • Piaggio
  • AF
  • All pattern versions

Does NOT fit the original GP200 electronic coils, it does not fit the Scootronics CDI and does not fit the standard Vespa P range if using the original junction box

Lambretta Electronic ignition coil (CDI) ignition rubber cover, MB

£ 9.77
Price: £ 8.14 Ex Vat

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When fitting the new rubber use Vaseline or penetration oil sprayed around the HT lead, Stator plate wires and where the rubber slides onto the coil. If you want total water proof, seal all areas with clear silicone

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5 star 1. Duncan 21 Jan 2014 

Perfect for keeping the water out but also hides my Kytronic box so no one can mess around with it

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Oleh B on 13 Jan 2023 asked "How do route the Yellow ground/earth wire from the red CDI (BGM) out of the rubber cover. Do I bend the yellow wire back on its self so it exits the rubber cover at the bottom of the CDI or do I loop it inside the cover an out of the top of the CDI as there is a small cutout in the rubber cover. "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: It should go through the cut out in the rubber and around the CDI to the bolt point

N b on 24 Oct 2015 asked "Will this cover effectively cover a cdi coil unit fitted with a kytronik SB2? if not is there a cover being developed in the pipe line to do this job?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: At the moment no plans for a rubber cover

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