Lambretta Electronic ignition Rectifier (regulator) 12 volt DC (Wassell/Podtronics/bgm/Scootronics)


If your wanting a full DC ignition set up and want full DC 12 volt lighting this is the Rectifier (regulator) that you need.

You can either modify your own AC Electronic stator or use one of our bgm already converted DC stators.

Simple fit 4 wires

  • 2 Yellows from stator go to 2 Yellows on the rectifier (on the bgm DC stator one is a Yellow/Red tracer wire) these can go either way round
  • Black is an Earth, Earth to rectifier body on frame
  • Red is power into the loom for 12 Volt DC feed to the battery or capacitor (or without but lights will be dimmer at low speeds) 

Lambretta Electronic ignition Rectifier (regulator) 12 volt DC (Wassell/Podtronics/bgm/Scootronics)
  • Lambretta Electronic ignition Rectifier (regulator) 12 volt DC (Wassell/Podtronics/bgm/Scootronics)
  • Lambretta Electronic ignition Rectifier (regulator) 12 volt DC (Wassell/Podtronics/bgm/Scootronics)

£ 29.50
Price: £ 24.58 Ex Vat

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Reviews ( 4 )


5 star 1. Neal b 08 Aug 2015 

This item makes the conversion to 12v dc a piece of cake, providing you have the converted or the dc stator.powerful lights no more ac dim fliker


5 star 2. Tim B 05 Sep 2016 

Easy DIY fit. take out the old AC regulator. connect 2 yellows from stator red goes to power/battery black to earth done! check out the capacitor in related products it acts as an alternative to a battery and makes the DC system work without using a battery and fits practically anywhere with cable ties. I had previously changed my Indian stator(nothing wrong with it but didn't want it to let me down miles form home) in preparation for going DC with a BGM stator which can do AC or DC. Great tip Mark, by using a battery charger to test connections without starting up the scooter.


5 star 3. C C 22 May 2020 

As usual excellent service and quality.


5 star 4. Thomas F 30 Sep 2020 

Worked well first time. The rectifier was sent with very clear instructions and was very easy to fit.

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Bill on 08 Dec 2023 asked "Hi I have a scooters india sunny fr 12 volt stator plate that uses points. Could I wire this on a series to make it dc,if so how is it done, thank you"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: The conversion is on this link

Joseph M on 05 Feb 2023 asked "How would I you wire this with a single lighting wire only have one lighting output wire all others go to ht coil "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Sounds like you have a AC stator plate, you need to convert the stator to DC first

Dave C on 07 Aug 2021 asked "Hi I am wanting to convert my AC Stator to DC as mentioned in your details for your DC regulator. Can you tell me how this is done please ?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied:*-tech-articles/engine-tech-*-ignition-dc-conversions+307.html

Paul E on 19 Mar 2019 asked "in to relation to an earlier query about the wassel unit, Your answer implied that this is only a rectifier, or is it also a regulator as well? if not, is there any way that we could regulate the 12v dc so as not to over volt and shorten the battery life. Not new to the wassel unit and just wanted to know if it was something that I was doing wrong as I've had over 20v of 2 different units"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes it is a Regulator rectifier, it wont blow anything. We dont add rectifier in the description as its confusing with the small AC/DC reg/rec

Neal on 21 Nov 2018 asked "I take this is a rectifier/ regulator what is its max wattage also what is the output of the bgm alternator in dc? "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Its a rectifier, it should give around 10 amps and the stator is around 100/120 watts

Trevor on 26 Jul 2015 asked "Hi, I'm looking for a dc wave rectifier to convert the lighting on my honda xr400 from AC. It has two power out wires from the existing stator. Do you know if this item would be compatible? Regards, Trevor."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: I think so

David H on 30 Mar 2014 asked "if i'm not using a battery, do you have a listing for the capacitor."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: This is the part number for the capacitor MBU0808

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