Lambretta Race-Tour Fork links, disc type Gp200 type, pair (with nylon bushes) MB


We were so disappointed with the remade Indian and Italian links that we decided to have our own made.

They are made in the UK from a high strength rust resistant steel.

Designed by Mark Broadhurst and are probably the best fork links ever made for a Lambretta.

They are based on a perfect set of Italian GP links but we have altered them slightly to improve the ride height and stop the front dampers fouling on some hydraulic conversions.

The links come as a pair and come with a pair of our MB nylon fork bushes fitted.

These links are GP type so you need to change the fork rods to GP type and use the loose balls.

The GP fork rods can be fitted to all Series 12 and 3 forks.

Lambretta Race-Tour Fork links, disc type Gp200 type, pair (with nylon bushes) MB

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  • Made from special high tensile rust resistant steel.
  • Strong and easy to fit.
  • Slightly raked to raise the suspension and prevent old style hydraulics from hitting front dampers.
  • Can fit Li, Sx, Tv or Gp forks using Gp fork rods.


  • Manufactured in the UK from special cast rust resistant steel.
  • CNC machined for constant accuracy.
"While this particular part is not stainless steel we have included it in this section for your convenience as it is a rust resistant precision manufactured part".

Development History

  • For years people have wanted to convert drum hubs to disc brakes on their Lambretta's.
  • To do this disc links where required, NOS links had dried up and eventually second hand links dried up, so MRB invested heavily in tooling to product our disc links.

Reasons to Buy

  • Probably the best disc links available today.
  • Stronger.
  • Nicer looking.
  • Anti rusting.
  • Increased ride height.


  • Make sure the stainless steel pivot bush slides through the nylon bush.
  • Assemble the fork springs so they are at equal heights.
  • Tighten the fork bolts and make sure each link still pivots freely.
  • Once assembled make sure the disc links are equal.

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Reviews ( 12 )


5 star 1. Angus y 23 May 2008 

Top quality better than Innocenti one.


5 star 2. Neil 16 Jul 2010 

Absolutely chuffed to bits with these. The quality is so much better than the remade links available elsewhere. Ordered at about 3:00pm on the Monday, got them on Tuesday! Fantastic service, great parts and well worth that little bit extra. Thanks guys.


5 star 3. Stuart k 04 Dec 2011 

A work of art is the best


5 star 4. Craig R 19 Nov 2010 

This is the fourth set of these disc links I have fitted to my lambrettas in conjunction with a complete sets of springs, rods, and other associated fork rebuild items all supplied by MB. Improves handling dramatically. Love these precision parts, well designed, well made superb attention to detail. Can't recommend these parts enough.


5 star 5. Dean 27 May 2011 

what a fantastic bit of kit put the fork links on and the difference is great


5 star 6. Chris 07 Apr 2012 

Very Nice high quality bit of kit..stuck it on my SX200 with confidence in 2011.Glad didn't buy those crap available elsewhere


5 star 7. Mike 09 Aug 2013 

Picked the Fork Links from the Post Office today. Very please with them!


5 star 8. Pat 17 Dec 2013 

best gp links available bar none, excellent machining, fit perfect, far superior to innocent, well done mark.


5 star 9. Barrie b 09 Nov 2016 

10 out of 10 Mark. I have a pair of these links in my Production Class scooter, and having just won the championship im buying some more for my road scooter. They lifted the ride height just enough to keep the bodywork clear of the floor and improved handling under braking. If a part impresses me ill shout it from the rooftops and these links really do impress me, i just couldnt let the competition know too much through the season!


5 star 10. Kevin c 25 Feb 2017 

very good gp200 mb fork links nice smooth finsh good quality


5 star 11. David C 08 Apr 2019 

Beautiful craftsmanship and thought have gone into these links. Genius


5 star 12. Gary C 25 Jul 2021 

First class product as always from MB. You can count on MB to produce parts that fit first time and do the job they were intended for.

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Paul B on 30 May 2020 asked "Can the links be polished up or would they need to be chromed? Thanks"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: They can be polished, but would suggest oil or lacquer or can be chrome plated

Darran c on 05 Dec 2014 asked "How would the ride height be affected on an Li 125 series 3? Would the mudguard be raised in height relative to the top of the tyre?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Maybe only a little I doubt you will notice

Simon C on 18 Dec 2013 asked "Can I use these in Li forks if I replace the push rods etc with gp parts?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes just change the rods but also worth changing the other parts too - buffers, stops, bushes etc

Mike on 01 Jan 2012 asked "It says that I can use my loose balls with this dics forks links, Is this correct? Just want to be sure before I purchase them. "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes loose balls, GP type of links and push rods

Paul m on 17 Nov 2010 asked "I have a question about "Fork disc links, Gp200 type, high tensile steel, pair (with nylon bushes) MRB".....Can i weld 12mm pins on to these links in order to fit external suspension"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: These disc links come with pegs cast onto them already.

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