Lambretta Fork rods, Gp and late Sx, pair, stainless steel, MB


MB made stainless steel GP and late Sx fork rods.

These are used with all our MB fork links.

This is priced for a pair of rods.


Lambretta Fork rods, Gp and late Sx, pair, stainless steel, MB

£ 26.28
Price: £ 21.90 Ex Vat

Reviews ( 7 )


5 star 1. Steve w 16 Jan 2012 

quality will always speak for itself. and these are exceptional. a well engineered product


5 star 2. Mike 09 Dec 2013 

These fork rods are great. Much better than ones I purchased some time back.


5 star 4. Ralph 01 Jan 2016 

Quality product from MBD.


5 star 5. Mark h 02 Aug 2018 

Very well made quality product , perfect fit , highly recommended


5 star 6. Tim B 04 Apr 2017 

Fitted the stainless rods with the springs. Why not for a few quid more. Review below for springs Having these springs fitted made a staggering difference to road holding, safety and ridability, excellent value and probably the best item that you can fit to a Lambretta that gives so much back to the rider. They turn an articulated see-saw into a road hugging monster with very little dive. The front suspension is firmed up, I've only got standard dampers too! So much fun to ride and chuck around bends, don't know how I got away with the old ones but can't recommend these springs highly enough.


5 star 7. Wings 01 Jul 2020 

Quality item that fits like a glove, first time.

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