Lambretta Fork link damper stud, each, stainless steel, MB


This is the new MB remade disc link damper stud redesigned to straighten up dampers to the forks.

Made in stainless steel.

It is suitable for Italian type disc links and MB re-made Drum and Disc links.

These are as standard with a 7mm thread on the link end and a 6mm thread on the damper end but are slightly longer to suit all front dampers.

2 required per Lambretta

To fit correctly also order 2 x MBFWW7  2x MBFNY6  4x MBFRW6X18

Lambretta Fork link damper stud, each, stainless steel, MB

£ 4.56
Price: £ 3.80 Ex Vat

Reviews ( 6 )


5 star 1. LANCE 13 Jul 2010 

superb product just like original spec except stainless! ***


5 star 2. Martyn j 03 Feb 2011 

Superb piece of engineering, perfect fit!


5 star 3. M,Crabbe 17 Mar 2011 

Quality parts and perfect fit.


5 star 4. Craig k 19 Jul 2011 

Once again MB has provided the perfect service - a quality part, speedily delivered. It is now on the scooter!


5 star 5. Adrian M 15 Jan 2013 

Nicely made, look v.good. Why don't more Lambretta suppliers offer parts this good.


5 star 6. Pete H 30 Mar 2017 

Ace idea by extending length a few mm gives much better fit allowing washers and lock nut to be fitted were normal studs are to short good price as well

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Kevin E on 26 Oct 2016 asked "are these the correct item for use with fork links MRB 0763PR"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes these are correct

Ian B on 19 Sep 2015 asked "What is the thread pitch on the 7mm end of the stud. I need to drill out and re tap my link. "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: 7 x 1.00mm

Mike on 24 Feb 2013 asked "Hi Mark, Why are 7mm washers (MBFPWA7) required to fit theses correctly?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: They're not, it's over kill, standard they didn't use a washer, sometimes there is not enough thread to seat the stud on some links so a washer is used. Personal choice really.

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