Lambretta Flywheel dust cover, standard and electronic flywheels


This is an Indian made flywheel dust cover that will fit on any standard flywheel and also the Indian electronic ones.

It will NOT fit on the original AF electronic flywheels.

Lambretta Flywheel dust cover, standard and electronic flywheels

£ 10.01
Price: £ 8.34 Ex Vat

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Neil on 23 May 2020 asked "Hi Guys, just bought this flywheel dust cover from you (MBL0177). I have a lightened Indian GP electronic flywheel with an RT225 bored out to 240. It had been run with an open mouth delly and no dust cover and is covered in gunge. I've put one of your tea strainers on the carb. Is there any reason you would recommend not having a dust cover?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Fit the dust cover on the flywheel.

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