Lambretta Tool, flywheel holder (holding) double ended, MB


This tool will hold 90% of Lambretta flywheels.

It is double ended and will hold normal Italian Series 3 type flywheels as well as the AF/J range, Early Motoplat and Indian electronic flywheels.

The only flywheels it will not fit are the later Spanish Motoplat electronic flywheels and some early Series 1 and 2 flywheels where the holes were in a strange offset arrangement.

These now come with a removable handle so they fit into the toolbox.

This tool is preferred to jamming a screwdriver in the fins and risking breaking off a fin.

A unique design from Mark Broadhurst and very often copied by non reputable manufacturers.

Lambretta Tool, flywheel holder (holding) double ended, MB

£ 19.20
Price: £ 16.00 Ex Vat

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5 star 1. Shane 17 Jun 2010 

Every home mechanic should have one

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