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We stock over 191 Dellorto spares

As a sideline of offering a full range of Dellorto carburettor kits we keep a full range of spares for all the carburettors we stock.

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Dellorto Needle set (kit) PHBH, bgm

Needle set BGM PRO Dellorto PHBH (X2, X3, X4, X5, X7, X13, X25, X32, X44, X61)... [more]

£ 18.73£ 15.61 (Ex Vat)
Dellorto Race-Tour Carb top easy screw, stainless steel, PHBL, PHBH, MB

Dellorto PHBL and PHBH MB Scooters carb top easy screw, made in stainless steel designed and made for MB. The hexagon screw head is machined... [more]

£ 2.64£ 2.20 (Ex Vat)
Dellorto D26 needle, PHBL

D26 carb needle for Dellorto PHBL carbs. Commonly used in Lambretta 25mm carb kits.... [more]

£ 15.90£ 13.25 (Ex Vat)
Dellorto Needle set (kit) PHBL, bgm

This handy box contains 10 very commonly used D type needles, as used in PHBL carburettors. ... [more]

£ 16.92£ 14.10 (Ex Vat)
Dellorto fuel banjo fibre washer

Fuel banjo fibre washer to suit PH type carbs... [more]

£ 1.15£ 0.96 (Ex Vat)