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We stock over 12 Exhaust systems

We keep a wide range of exhaust systems, from the fairly standard looking clubman systems through to our own expansion systems.

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Lambretta Exhaust, inner bush, short type to suit Dev-Tour exhaust system, MB

This MB bush fits in the rear exhaust mount on our Dev-Tour systems. ... [more]

£ 1.38£ 1.15 (Ex Vat)
Lambretta Exhaust clamp for Clubmans, 47 - 51mm, stainless steel

It is common for Clubman exhausts to leak at the joint between the U bend and the main exhaust body.  This clamp suits 42mm Clubman... [more]

£ 5.64£ 4.70 (Ex Vat)
Yamaha exhaust mounting rubber (Dev-Tour expansion chambers) Viton, MB

As with a lot of Yamaha exhausts we have used this type of rubber exhaust mount for many years.   These are now made in... [more]

£ 5.15£ 4.29 (Ex Vat)
Lambretta Gasket, exhaust, big bore, oval type, fibre copper sandwich type, MB

We have these big bore type exhausts gaskets made just for us.    They are suitable for any cast or after market type cylinder... [more]

£ 4.80£ 4.00 (Ex Vat)
Lambretta Gasket, exhaust, round flange type, MB

We have these TS1 type exhausts gaskets made for us. These are the stronger fibre type which sandwiches a metal sheet in the middle to... [more]

£ 2.21£ 1.84 (Ex Vat)
Lambretta Exhaust, flange, oval, steel 4 hole type, weld on, 10mm thick, MB

Oval exhaust flange made in steel with our own 4 hole type design to suit MBgm Race-Tour cylinders or any 2 hole oval flanged... [more]

£ 8.29£ 6.91 (Ex Vat)
Lambretta Exhaust flange stub for Clubmans, round type (TS1, Imola) MBgm

Spare exhause flange for BGM clubmans when used with a TS1/Imola type cylinder.... [more]

£ 18.22£ 15.18 (Ex Vat)
Lambretta Exhaust fastener kit, studs, nuts, washers, gasket for Oval exhaust port cylinders, 4 stud version, MB

MB exhaust fastener kit, fit this little kit to your Lambretta RT cylinder and you wont have your exhaust come loose again!  Kit contains all... [more]

£ 15.07£ 12.56 (Ex Vat)
Lambretta Exhaust, inner bush, long type to suit Dev-Tour exhaust system, spacer for 8mm tool, MB

This MB bush fits in the swan neck exhaust mount on our Dev-Tour systems. Also great as a spacer using our 8mm T handle tools.... [more]

£ 1.36£ 1.13 (Ex Vat)
Lambretta Exhaust wool packing, 50cm x 50cm, bgm

Universal exhaust packing to suit a number of exhausts where the end silencer can be stripped to re-pack noisy exhausts. ... [more]

£ 14.48£ 12.07 (Ex Vat)
Lambretta Clubman (Big box) Exhaust Silver, MBgm

The MBgm Big Box Clubman designed by Mark Broadhurst.  Suits Oval flanged cylinders.  Although the ROUND flange is in this photograph, as of Autumn 2018 it... [more]

£ 238.44£ 198.70 (Ex Vat)