Lambretta Carburettor kit, reed, Dellorto 28mm PHBH, with tea strainer filter


A 28mm PHBH carburettor kit to suit Race-Tour Reed converted cylinders and Imola/Monza/TS1 type Reed engines.


  • Carburettor, jetted roughly to suit
  • Spare needles, jets
  • MB Tea strainer filter
  • MB mounting rubber
  • Jubilee clips

It does not include the inlet manifold.


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Lambretta Carburettor kit, reed, Dellorto 28mm PHBH, with tea strainer filter

£ 206.06
Price: £ 171.72 Ex Vat

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Phil W on 26 May 2023 asked "Can this be set up for a RT 195 read kit with longer stroke and 3mm packer (200cc) using a BGM v4 clubman exhaust. Cheers"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes they come pre jetted for that set up

Andy C on 31 Oct 2009 asked "Hi, Could you tell me whether this carb is suitable for a standard TS1 with reed valve setup and a Devtour pipe and if so, what sort of performance can I expect? Many thanks in advance."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes this carb is fine for a standard TS1 and it would be the exhaust that would command power. The speed should be no problem, it may help lower down power as well. But you will need this manifold for it to fit. MRB0521K

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