Lambretta Carburettor kit, small block, Dellorto 28mm PHBH, with Tea Strainer Air Filter


A complete carburettor kit, contains everything from the inlet gasket through to carburettor.

Now with MB Tea Strainer air filter fitted

Ideal as a replacement for old worn out standard carburettors or on a tuned scooter.

It gives slightly better fuel economy than the 30mm version at the expense of a little bit of top-end speed.

More suited to milder tunes.

Suits all 125/150/175/186/190/195/198/200 oval port type cylinders.

Designed to fit all full panelled scooters without cutting holes in your panels as the tea strainer filter fits under your panels.

Comes with;

  • Cable choke assembly
  • Large float valve

Jets supplied;

  • 55 Idle Jet fitted (spare 50)
  • 128 Main Jet fitted (spare 125, 120, 115)
  • AV 264 Atomiser fitted (spare AV266)
  • X13 Needle fitted (spare X7, X7/13, X13/2, X2)


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Lambretta Carburettor kit, small block, Dellorto 28mm PHBH, with Tea Strainer Air Filter

£ 229.90
Price: £ 191.58 Ex Vat

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5 star 1. Philip y 07 Nov 2016 

just brought a lambrettawith bgm 195 kit wouldnt run properly tried re jetting still no good . brought this carburretor kit and it transformed it so nice to deal with genuine people thankyou

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Jeremy on 21 Oct 2021 asked "Hi guys I have a li135 series3 Carb is knackered It has a tv175 block running a Gori 200 head with Gori clubman exhaust Previously brought a 28mm dellorto of you which I put on a Gp200 was amazing Wish to do same with this scoot What you think?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: There should be no reason why this carb wont work on the Gori

Steve S on 08 Nov 2020 asked "Hi Mark, I have a fitted a 195 RT kit with, 60x110 crank, bgm v4 clubman, 47 x 19 clutch / front sprocket and gp200 gearbox. What carb kit do you recommend, not looking for high rev power, just good touring speeds. Many thanks,."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Usually 28mm

Mick K on 02 Nov 2020 asked "Hi,I have one of these carbs and Im about to fit the RT195 kit with a BGM big box exhaust. Could you recommend jet settings as a starting point please? Cheers,Mick."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Setting up starts here*-instructions/fitting-*-mb-engine-setting-up-*-part-1+147.html

Rsy C on 29 Mar 2020 asked "Hi MB im thinking about this carb set for my iron 175 stage 4 with a stainless scorpion exhaust, could you pre jet this kit for my set up Many thanks Ray"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: The carbs come pre jetted on the rich side and they come with spare smaller jets. And instructions on the Tech-Site

Graham on 21 Oct 2018 asked "Hi, Do you sell a 180 degree tube for the throttle cable so I can retain the standard outer? "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: No but this part should do what you want MBD9200

Graham on 23 Sep 2018 asked "Hi, I am running a AF175 Ali top end, Gp crank, 25mm Jettex, casatronic with a casa superlight expansion pipe. I want to replace the jettex with this carb and later fit a BGM 195. Will this carb suit both top ends apart from the different jetting? Thanks Graham"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: This carb kit fits the small block inlet spacing on the alloy SR cylinder. But if you swap to the much better MBgm RT kit then you would need the large block inlet manifold which we sell extra. The carb kit comes with enough spare jets to set up both kits

Phil on 15 Aug 2018 asked "Thinking of this for my RT225/230 kit and just asking would it come set up for said kit? would it also be OK to fit a breath sweet air filter on it?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: We can supply a 28mm or better for the 225 kit a 30mm, we offer the better tea strainer filters for this carb.

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