Lambretta Electronic ignition flywheel, Gp, bgm


New for 2013 and the final piece to the jig saw for the ultimate Lambretta ignition.

This is the new BGM GP flywheel - no more rivets or screwed in magnets.

Made in Germany, weighing in at 2 kilos for an all round road use.

Comes with the added benefit of timings marks on the flywheel fro 15 - 30 degrees ideal for using Auto advance ignition boxes.

Works with all Lambretta electronic stator plates.

The fins are short as per Italian flywheels.

Fitting instructions are here

Please take the time to check the taper on your crankshaft to make sure you are ordering the correct flywheel.

Note that the image of the flywheel holding tool is there for illustration purposes only, it is not included with the flywheel.

Lambretta Electronic ignition flywheel, Gp, bgm
  • Lambretta Electronic ignition flywheel, Gp, bgm
  • Lambretta Electronic ignition flywheel, Gp, bgm
  • Lambretta Electronic ignition flywheel, Gp, bgm
  • Lambretta Electronic ignition flywheel, Gp, bgm

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Always strobe the ignition at 3000 rpm to stabilise the firing point and set timing from there.

Reviews ( 5 )


5 star 1. Robert b 02 Dec 2013 

Absolute thing of beauty. Timing marks around the outside are a bonus. Confidence inspiring engineering


5 star 2. Shane 05 Apr 2014 

Cracking piece of kit, makes setting the timing a doddle :-)


5 star 3. Neal b 08 Aug 2015 

One you have started with the great quality of the bgm items you just cannot go back to the other offerings. Excellent quality stuff, just the job for my bgm 195 reed valve build.


5 star 4. Paul r 17 Jun 2018 

Brilliant quality and the timing marks make it a breeze to set the timing


5 star 5. Bolti 21 Jul 2020 

I just love the quality of this stuff. As an engineer I can relate to the craftsmanship and thought that has gone into the manufacture of this flywheel. You will have to get your head around the timing as it is different to how you normally do it but the instruction is clear and only criticism is it could be written in slightly better English. I would definitely buy another but make sure you also buy the retaining spanner.

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Nigel c on 30 May 2023 asked "Hi all I'm converting a Li150s to have a GP crank, the scooter already has a 12v conversion, I'm looking to fit a bgm crank MBGM0241 , what ignition components do I need to replace? Or is it a whole new kit ? ( non battery) Cheers Nigel."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Presumming you had a Li crank and ignition, all you need is a Gp flywheel, everything else should fit

AARON on 25 Jan 2023 asked "Could this flywheel be used with the old type Casatronic x46 stator"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: No it doesnt work

Kieron B on 15 Jun 2019 asked "Do you require a special flywheel locking nut to go with this flywheel or does a standard nut fit? Also does the holding tool come with it?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Normal Gp flywheel nut or the better MB version.Flywheel holding tools are separate parts

John on 02 Feb 2018 asked "Hi, I've bought the flywheel and am strobing it but at what rpm / revs is best when matching BTDC mark. I've revved slightly above tickover. Is this about right? Thanks "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: 3000rpm+

Trevor on 19 Nov 2017 asked "Can you fit a standard Dust Cover on this flywheel and if not what would you suggest?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Sorry no they are not made to use a dust cover

JOHN on 15 Jul 2017 asked "Hi Any issues or anything I need to note (except higher tickover revs) with putting this flywheel with a standard SIL GP 200 engine - no tuning done ? Thanks"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Its a straight fit, just make sure you strobe the timing

Peter M on 10 Jun 2015 asked "Are the fins short or long?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Short as per Italian flywheels

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