Lambretta Tool, flywheel holder (holding) for bgm and Varitronic flywheels, MB


Flywheel holding tool for Bgm and Varitronic flywheels, holds the flywheel on the main centre nut to avoid any damage to the flywheel fins.

For using with long Gp/Sx type engine mounts.

Fits easily in your toolbox.

Lambretta Tool, flywheel holder (holding) for bgm and Varitronic flywheels, MB

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Price: £ 9.28 Ex Vat

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5 star 1. Bolti 21 Jul 2020 

This along with the flywheel is the quality one expects from MB and BGM. To do the job properly - buy the spanner. It holds the flywheel perfectly and has obviously been thought out well for the anchor points when tightening the central nut alight beautifully. Bolti


5 star 2. Richard I 27 Apr 2024 

Brilliant tool - a must buy if you have a scootopia varitronic ignition because the one they supply is made of cheese and bends the first time you use it. Also, this is cleverly designed for one handed use.

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James w on 26 May 2023 asked "Hi there. I have a scootopia ignition, will this fit and can you recommend anchor points? The scootopia spanner bent like it was made of rubber. "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: YEs it fits and wraps around the engine mount

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