Lambretta Race-Tour Cable adjuster block, MB


This is an improved design of one of our most popular items.

Originally we looked at the standard cable adjuster block and noted that you can't adjust the gear cable near the wheel easily as the clutch cable is in the way and has to be removed to adjust the gear cables easily.

We've now redesigned our earlier adjuster blocks.

The advantages are the cables are reposioned better to feed the inner and outer cables to the linkages, so in each gear the cables are correctly positioned. We've also designed the adjuster screws so they are 8mm, meaning the inner hole is larger to stop inner cables fouling and rubbing. This item comes in a Silver zinc finish.

It includes

  • Cable adjuster block
  • Fasteners
  • Gasket
  • 3 new 8mm threaded adjusters (standard are 7mm)

Another new Mark Broadhurst design, used by many, never copied because of its unique design should be a standard part on every Lambretta.

An ideal replacement for the genuine or older MB adjuster block and now matches all the MB precision engine linkages kit.

If you require the rear brake cable clip that sits under the adjuster block then please order MBP0109 for our re-made stainless clip.

Lambretta Race-Tour Cable adjuster block, MB
  • Lambretta Race-Tour Cable adjuster block, MB
  • Lambretta Race-Tour Cable adjuster block, MB
  • Lambretta Race-Tour Cable adjuster block, MB
  • Lambretta Race-Tour Cable adjuster block, MB
  • Lambretta Race-Tour Cable adjuster block, MB
  • Lambretta Race-Tour Cable adjuster block, MB

£ 29.83
Price: £ 24.86 Ex Vat

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Reviews ( 18 )


5 star 1. Gary 22 Jul 2011 

Thanks for the promp delivery of the lambretta part i ordered, although it may be 'only' be a cable block adjuster, I had to put it in writing how much easier it now is to adjust my gear cables instead of struggling with the clutch cable in the way. thanks for a great service.


5 star 2. Bruce M 12 Oct 2013 

Simple design yet so superior over the standard block. Quality superb and delivered fast, need I say more?


5 star 3. Paul H 01 Nov 2013 

A very nice piece of kit. After years of faffing about, trying to adjust gear and clutch cables in a space that's way too small, I'm really looking forward to fitting this to my Lambretta.


5 star 4. Ken H 27 Mar 2014 

ecellent quailty and very fast service.


5 star 5. Reece 19 Oct 2014 

Great item much better than the old original one works a treat and very quick delivery. Will use MB again well it is a Lambretta!!


5 star 6. Kenneth s 30 Jan 2024 

Impressed with this despite my desire to keep everything looking standard. Gear cable adjustment is now a breeze and clutch cable routing is much tidier and the action feels smoother


5 star 7. R j 22 Sep 2016 

Great speedy delivery,good quality part,a pic of one fitted to show direction would be a simple guide.


5 star 8. Paul 23 Feb 2017 

Excellent bit of kit, much more room than the standard block.


5 star 9. Maciej M 29 Nov 2017 

Very well made item that does exactly what it says it does. Makes cable adjusting much much easier. Great buy


5 star 10. Mike b 07 Oct 2018 

Arrived yesterday after ordered great service


5 star 11. Anthony B 27 Dec 2019 

Quick delivery, good value, great quality


5 star 12. Martin 28 Aug 2022 

Rolls royce quality parts fits and works perfectly


5 star 13. Terry 16 Sep 2022 

Quality part well made , great design..


5 star 14. Stephen H 27 Nov 2022 

Always a pleasure to deal with MB. Been after the MB Cable adjuster block for sometime now. Well worth the wait for it.


5 star 15. Andy K 20 Jun 2023 

great delivery and communication, the quality was great and easy to fit with all the required fittings.


5 star 16. Giuseppe g 23 Dec 2023 

Any thing that you buy from this company is going to be the best


5 star 17. Aubrey G 10 Apr 2024 

excellent quality this is the third scooter I have put one on


4 star 18. Andrew M 27 Mar 2011 

Very high quality bit of kit. Could do with an idiots instruction sheet though. Mark says, i can see where you need instructions, it's the same as a standard nearly

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Wayne B on 14 Mar 2024 asked "Another good design MB. Just a quick question; Why doesn't the new design incorporate a Rear Brake Cable Guide feature as per the original which I have? Would have been one less part to buy and fit."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: We just separated the items depending on if the customer had one already

Clive B on 26 Mar 2023 asked "Stud & screw kit. Does the stud go in the front or the back?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Closest to the front of the bike

Peter M on 21 Jan 2021 asked "Does this block require the routing of the first gear cable and clutch cable to be behind the engine mount / lug? Sticky's manual makes reference to this with the MB cable adjuster block and it's the first that I've read that!"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Cable it so the cables are as free as they can run with a little kinks as possible

David C on 05 Jan 2020 asked "My cable block has started to rust after a year is this normal"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Its not a guaranteed rust free finish on that one, but keeping it covered in a WD40 helps

Paul B on 26 Oct 2017 asked "Hi, I wanted to know, is it necessary to fit gaskets under the swivel base and the adjuster block. I have the BGM Pro alloy set (BGM2290) and there is no gaskets supplied with the kit. Thanks, Paul"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: You can fit without or if you want with, obviously we keep them

Miles H on 27 Sep 2016 asked "Hi. Does this fit a Series 1? Thanks Miles"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes it fits all series 1, 2 and 3 engines

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