Lambretta Gear and clutch adjuster screw with nut, stainless steel, MB


This is a MB remade cable adjuster screw complete with nut, all in stainless steel.

No more going to adjust your cables to find the adjusters are all seized up.

You need three per scooter.

These adjusters will fit the standard adjuster block or our improved cable adjuster block.

Remade slightly longer for more adjustment.

Thread measurement is 7mm x 30mm

Lambretta Gear and clutch adjuster screw with nut, stainless steel, MB

£ 4.22
Price: £ 3.52 Ex Vat

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5 star 1. Andy 08 Jun 2019 

great items as usual


5 star 2. Clay W 22 Jun 2013 

Delivered promptly, and exactly as described! Just the job!


5 star 3. Steve B 08 Jun 2016 

Top Quality and fast service !!!


5 star 4. MARTYN R 05 Mar 2016 

As always with MB products top quality with 5 star service to


5 star 5. Leo P 15 Oct 2019 

Will use as spares and change out as needed. Well made product. Extra long threads All stainless steel Handy to have in stock


5 star 6. Leo P 18 Nov 2019 

A great product & thanks for the poster that are all being displayed.

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Martin H on 08 Mar 2024 asked "It says these are 7mm and fit your new adjuster block but doesn't the new adjuster block come complete with 3 x 8mm ones?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: The new adjuster does come with 3 x 8mm threaded screws. The older adjuster block used 7mm threads but screws were separate

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