Arrogant Git21/02/2010
"Dear Mark, Just read your article in Scootering. Having met you on several occasions you always came across as pleasant but with 'reserve' and yes, as you say, "a bit of an arrogant git". I really enjoyed reading about another "scooter kid who makes good" doing something that is in your blood and seeing all your dodgy photos and hairstyles. Your candidness regarding your breakdown is far more than admirable. How on earth could we have known the personal pressures you were under, and the consequences of eager scooter kids wanting to talk shite to you whilst all the time you were mindful that you had a business to run. Next time I see you at a do, I will buy you a beer. Sorry for misjudging you. Oh and you make top gear and your new web page deserves recognition as the most helpful there is."
Al Laughton 2002
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