Great Kit16/10/2011
"Mark just thought id take a minute out to say what a fucking great kit the RT is. Ive had TS ones since 87, tuned iron before that and lately built a lot of Mugello, Casa & RB's for people and comparing apples with i can honestly say this is the most tractable and fun engine i have used. 195 long stroked , Devtour and a 30mm Delly, Sx 200 15 x 46 its the all round best ride ive had, not the fastest and not the same as the Ts top end you built me 2 years ago but just great to ride. On the Australian National rally today and lots of questions asked as to what it is. Keep up the great work dont take any notice of the false forum prophets. One in particular from Australia who regularly gives negative comments on forums thought it was a good engine and i purposefully said nowt until he commented and the look on his face was gold. Cheers Mick Bairstow"
Mick Bairstow
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