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MRB keep a wide range of Lambretta gaskets, many of which we have specially made to our designs and specifications.

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Lambretta Race-Tour Gasket, exhaust, big bore, oval type, fibre copper sandwich type, MB

We have these big bore type exhausts gaskets made just for us.    They are suitable for any cast or after market type cylinder... [more]

£ 3.92£ 3.27 (Ex Vat)
Lambretta Race-Tour Gasket, exhaust, round flange type, MB

We have these TS1 type exhausts gaskets made for us. These are the stronger fibre type which sandwiches a metal sheet in the middle to... [more]

£ 2.21£ 1.84 (Ex Vat)
Lambretta Race-Tour inlet gasket, small block, big bore, high strength fuel resistant, White, MB

This specially made for MB gasket is fuel and heat resistant and suits all 125, 150 and 175 and 190/195 Lambretta cylinders where a... [more]

£ 2.47£ 2.06 (Ex Vat)
Lambretta Inlet Gasket, TS1, reed gasket (square hole) high strength fuel resistant, White, MB

This is the MB TS1 sqaure inlet gasket. These are now made from a super strong White material to resist the modern petrol oil mixtures. ... [more]

£ 3.47£ 2.89 (Ex Vat)
Lambretta Race-Tour Mag housing gasket, 0.5mm (standard) White, fuel resitant, MB

MB latest special 0.5mm (standard) mag housing gasket.  This gap between the crank and mag housing should be 0.5 - 1mm to be safe. This is... [more]

£ 3.48£ 2.90 (Ex Vat)
Lambretta Head Gasket, 225cc, 1.80mm, RT (70mm bore) MB

Lambretta Head Gasket. 225cc - 70mm bore. 1.80mm thick. For Race-Tour cylinders with 8 stud holes. Another MB product.... [more]

£ 6.70£ 5.58 (Ex Vat)
Lambretta Mag housing gasket, set of 3, 0.5mm, 1mm, and 1.5mm thick, Green, MB

MB made green mag gaskets. Come with these sizes 0.5, 1, 1.5mm thick. If youre building an engine from scratch you don't know where the crank... [more]

£ 6.22£ 5.18 (Ex Vat)
Lambretta Inlet gasket, standard 200, MB

Standard large block Lambretta petrol/oil resistant Inlet gasket. Made for MB.... [more]

£ 1.28£ 1.07 (Ex Vat)
Lambretta Race-Tour Exhaust gasket, TS1, RB, Imola, Round, Copper type, MB

Some people like copper exhaust gaskets, so MB make them. This suits TS1, RB, Monza and Imola exhaust ports and will also fit most other... [more]

£ 6.18£ 5.15 (Ex Vat)