Lambretta Stud stepped repair 8/6mm - 17x13x11mm, crankcase side tail pipe, stainless steel, MB


A really simple idea from Mark Broadhurst

This Stainless Steel steppped stud can repair the lower exhaust tailpipe thread that usually pulls outs.

Most people dont have a Heicoil or Timesert kit as they are expensive, this is a cheaper repair.

All you need is a drill, 6.5 or 7mm drill bit and a 8 x 1.25mm tap which most have or can borrow.

Drill out the hole, tap down to slightly shorter than the measurement of the 8mm end and screw in the stud by locking two 6mm nuts together, tap it a bit at a time so when its home tight the flat edge is flush with the gasket face.

On final fitting use loctite, a cheap quality method of repairing old threads.

We used 8mm in the casing as this can also repair some threads already repaired which have also gone wrong in the past.

Lambretta Stud stepped repair 8/6mm - 17x13x11mm, crankcase side tail pipe, stainless steel, MB

£ 2.59
Price: £ 2.16 Ex Vat

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Reviews ( 4 )


5 star 1. Ian c 24 Jun 2016 

Fantastic quality, made a lovely repair , M.B parts are the best, good to deal with.


5 star 2. Paul S 08 Oct 2017 

Simple things that make a job easy, as always from MB top quality and excellent service


5 star 3. Richard m 13 Mar 2018 

Followed all the installation instructions to the letter with this stepped stud and the repair was perfect. Couldn't be happier with this - thanks Mark.


5 star 4. Kneale 24 Jul 2020 

Great product and good quality. This simple idea saved me having to strip the engine to have the casings weld repairs for to a previous owner poor attempt at repairing.

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