Lambretta Stand frame strengthener, each, stainless steel, MB


It is commonly found that Lambrettas are wobbly on the stand and end up sitting lower and lower on the stand until they fall over.

This is due to people sitting on their scooter while it is on the stand (a big no-no).

What happens is that the bolts that hold the stand get pulled halfway through the holes in the frame.

You can fix this by welding up the holes and re-drilling them but it will happen again.

We designed this strengtheners to spread the load of the bolt across the frame strut to stop the bolt pulling through.

They are stainless steel and you need two per scooter.

Lambretta Stand frame strengthener, each, stainless steel, MB

£ 3.50
Price: £ 2.92 Ex Vat


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