Lambretta Rear light reflector, LED, AC and DC, 12v Series 1, early Series 2, bgm


Another excellent product from BGM LED rear light reflector unit to suit Lambrettas. Works AC and DC supplied.

This is a straight fit to:

  • All Series 1
  • Series 2 with the smaller type rear light unit (the kind that uses festoon bulbs)

Lambretta Rear light reflector, LED, AC and DC, 12v Series 1, early Series 2, bgm

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Colour coded to fit as this.

  • Wiring loom black wire - to yellow wire on LED reflector.
  • Wiring loom pink or red wire ( from brake light switch ) to red on LED reflector
  • Black wire on LED reflector is the Earth and must be bolted to BARE metal on frame

Reviews ( 4 )


5 star 1. Ian R 07 Jan 2012 

After fitting the series 3 version to my SX I was really keen to get the Series 1. Now it's here - hurrah! Just as easy to fit and a great improvement on the festoon bulbs! Cheers!


5 star 2. Alan l 01 Jul 2012 

Brilliant, after months of people telling me they can't see my rear light fitted it to my series 2 in 15 mins from start to finish, so easy to fit, the rear light is great but the brake light is superb, fits perfectly to festoon bulb type perfectly


5 star 3. Frank L 30 Mar 2017 

Exellent product completely solved my problem of converting early lambretta with no brake light to modern safety stsndards


5 star 4. Jimmy H 10 Dec 2020 

Top bit of kit

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Jez on 18 Jul 2019 asked "Does this work with standard points flywheel and rectifier?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes it should with a rectifier/regulator

Dale on 29 Mar 2017 asked "Can the board be trimmed to help with fitting?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes with sharp cutter, GP's have to be trimmed to fit

Christopher on 04 Jan 2012 asked "is the s1/2 led rear light DC or can I use it on a non-battery system? Thanks C."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: It works on AC and DC

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