Lambretta Rear hub nut, stainless steel, MB


This fastener is used on a Lambretta Series, 1, 2 and 3 rear hubs.

It is slightly taller than normal to allow it to be used with any hub/layshaft combination.

It can also be used to secure the rear shocker as well as the engine bar.

Made in stainless steel with a White nylon insert as per original.

Lambretta Rear hub nut, stainless steel, MB

£ 6.06
Price: £ 5.05 Ex Vat

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Reviews ( 3 )


5 star 1. Paul S 31 Jan 2022 

Fits really nicely, well made too, excellent


5 star 2. Mark H 05 Aug 2022 

Shit hot, always the best


5 star 3. Ron 31 Aug 2023 

Correct size and fit, unlike the rubbish I got sent from India

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Panos K on 10 Apr 2009 asked "I have a question about "Rear hub nut stainless steel MRB" Is this nut correct also for S2 series?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes this nut fits all Series 2 Lambrettas

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