Lambretta Rear hub and MB cone, 4 x MB studs, UNI


Excellent quality Uni Auto Rear hub that comes with MB rear hub cone, also comes supplied with 4 MB high tensile hub studs.

Lambretta Rear hub and MB cone, 4 x MB studs, UNI
  • Lambretta Rear hub and MB cone, 4 x MB studs, UNI
  • Lambretta Rear hub and MB cone, 4 x MB studs, UNI
  • Lambretta Rear hub and MB cone, 4 x MB studs, UNI

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Reviews ( 15 )


5 star 1. Ian H 08 Dec 2009 

Great product looks and feels like really good quality and everything fits really well .... which is always a bonus !


5 star 2. Jason H 31 Mar 2010 

Uni rear hub great quality and fast service


5 star 3. Simon c 06 May 2010 

well pleased with this as its not buckled and warped,like the one fitted to my GP.a good quality item an very fast delivery,cheers.


5 star 4. Phil 17 Sep 2010 

quality item again a fantastic rear hub


5 star 5. Patrick C 06 Oct 2010 

Excellent quality, far superior to FAR hub I had previously...


5 star 6. Lee B 04 Nov 2010 

very fast turnaround,hud looks great,hub locking kit top quality! cheers guy's!!


5 star 7. Craig B 30 Oct 2012 

Excellent quality


5 star 8. Stewart t 08 Jan 2011 

Thanks very much for the new uni hub great service as allways 1st class


5 star 9. Fraser 02 May 2011 

Top notch. Thanks MB.


5 star 10. Darren B 05 Apr 2012 

Top product and a perfect fit as usual. Fast delivery. Thanks.


5 star 11. Steve 03 Oct 2012 

excellent fast delivery. quality item-thanks.........


5 star 12. Dave R 31 Mar 2013 

Just fitted new uni hub with MB cone, excillant quilityand great fit.along with fast delivery service.


5 star 13. Johnny S 13 Jun 2017 

this wheel hub is gonna make me feel safe on the road !


5 star 14. Mike 27 Dec 2019 

Very please with this item! Delivered on time....


5 star 15. Paul D 22 Mar 2023 

Excellent hub made even better with the addition of the higher quality mb studs and cone.

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NICK B on 28 Jun 2021 asked "my Sip tubeless rim does not sit flush against this hub when tightened. There is a small gap at each lug where studs are. Anyone else had this issue and if so how to fix.? cheers"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Not had any issues, apart some studs come through the hub where they are tapered and these can lock up. Just needs the rim drilling out a little.

BARRIE P on 14 May 2017 asked "I have just bought 2 SIP tubeless wheels and although the existing hub stubs fitted to the front and read hubs of my Italian 1967 SX200 came out with no problem the extended hub studs SIP supplied won't screw in, infact they are ripping off the existing left hand thred, are there different sizes?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: All hub stud holes should be 10 x 1mm left hand thread, there are the odd hub with different threads. We dont use the SIP studs we use our own stronger versions

Peter on 01 Apr 2016 asked "Hi we're is the uni hub made. Regards peter"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: They are made in India, but are much better than normal Indian quality

Simon on 16 Dec 2014 asked "Will the Sip tubeless extended studs That come with the rims fit this hub?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes straight fit

Peter M on 30 Jun 2014 asked "Take it that it is an 8 degree cone supplied?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes it comes with a MB cone

Simon on 31 Jan 2014 asked "Hi will this fit a Li150 series 1?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes no problem

Brian F on 04 Jan 2013 asked "would this hub fit my series 2(1960) cheers"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes they are all interchangeable

Peter e on 01 Nov 2010 asked "The hub on my 1970 GP is warped will this use an 8 degree cone and will my original cone fit your your UNI hub? many thanks"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: From memory it should do but these things get changed over the years. For the cost just take a new cone with the hub.

Denis on 31 Mar 2010 asked "I agree with your comment that Ramp hubs are suspect because of the incorrect taper, but can you please tell me why FA Italia hubs are tarred with the same brush?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Ramp tapers vary, studs are the wrong size, they don' fit and crack. FA Italia hubs snap studs, studs vary from weak press in ones to screw in ones, the lining cracks, the mounting points for the studs crack and they crack around the cone area. For these reasons we now only stock the Uni Auto hubs which have proved to be very good.

Peter P on 08 Nov 2009 asked "1/I have a question about "Rear hub with cone and hub studs" Looking at your photo, the holes for the studs do not look to be threaded?? 2/Are the studs of a self tapping type?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: These hubs do have thread holes and use the normal left hand thread studs.

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