Dellorto Float needle valve, 3.00, PH/VH


This float needle valve can be fitted as an upgrade to 25, 28 and 30mm PHBL & PHBL Dellorto carburettors where you are suffering from fuel starvation symptoms, even if you are using a fast flow fuel tap.

Dellorto Float needle valve, 3.00, PH/VH

£ 23.16
Price: £ 19.30 Ex Vat

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5 star 1. Darren K 10 Mar 2006 

Excellent part was getting pinking symtoms despite a fast flow fuel tap replaced 200 needle valve with this and the problem stopped immediatly.


5 star 2. John h 06 Oct 2008 

Stopped fuel starvation even though fast flow tap fitted, thanks for advice MRB.


5 star 3. John h 12 Apr 2022 

top quality parts plus first class service


5 star 4. Tricky d 04 Dec 2022 

Can't fault the service and his kit

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Myles L on 26 Jun 2020 asked "Hi would this fit PHBH 28mm del carb? Cheers Myles"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes straight fit

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