Lambretta Carburettor kit, reed, Mikuni TMX35mm, open bell mouth


This is our top of the range carburettor to suit Lambretta engines.

Perfect for all TS1 and RB Reed type engines and most tuned cast engines above 200cc (but may require a smaller main jet pack to suit piston ported engines)

Kit comes complete with spare needles and jets, mounting rubber and jubilee clips.

It has been stripped and overhauled by MB and comes with a cable choke assembly.

Jetted with: 20 Idle, 350 main, 57 needle.

Spares: Main jet set kit (280-325), 58 Needle, 56 Needle

Everything you need is in this kit to jet it in to your indivudual engine.

Manifolds are separate.


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Lambretta Carburettor kit, reed, Mikuni TMX35mm, open bell mouth

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5 star 1. Darreyl w 29 Aug 2006 

These are the biz make no mistake they are the future, crisp and responsive. I have one on my sprinter and it gave me an extra 10 mph and slashed my 1/4 mile time by more than a second. Do Yourself a favour and go Mikuni TMX. Daz ward


5 star 2. Kevin H 04 Jan 2007 

Almost all the TS1 boys in Southern California have been using this carburetor for years. Still the best. Nice to see they're carried right here at Lambrettaspares. Highly recommended.


5 star 3. Simon r 09 Apr 2007 

Superb carb didn't think it would make so much difference. Outstanding performance.
Spot on yet again cheers lads

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Gary on 28 Jun 2021 asked "Could I use a TMX 30 on a RT230 reed valve with a v3 clubman? Cheers "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Don't see why not, if the spigot fits the rubber and it's jetted correctly.

Wayne h on 16 Dec 2012 asked "is this too big a carb for my untuned ts1 200?? [ jl3 pipe] or will it be ok"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Plenty of people use them and will set up, I think a 28 - 30mm would be better

Nigel v on 27 Oct 2012 asked "i am building an rb 20 at the moment and have been told to use a dellorto 30mm flat side carb and a franspeed tour exhaust but would this carb be a better option for me in terms of performance and throttle responce"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Mikuni carbs are concidered the better carb and are a bit easier to set up, should work fine

Martin on 02 May 2011 asked "I have a question about "35 / 200 - 250, Mikuni complete jetted carb kit for Reed valves" Is this a big improvement on the 34mm VHSB carb I am currently running on my stage 4 TS1 225 (MRB cylinder number 893) and will it help reduce spit back?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: These are easier to set up than the Dellorto. Spit back should be less especially if the Dellorto was set up wrong.

Paul on 08 Apr 2011 asked "Hi...Would you recomend fitting one of these to a tuned 225 Rapido with JL3 exhaust. If so what manifold would i need. Also what would i gain over the present 28 mm Delorto."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: I would think is its fine you would need this manifold MRB0064K

Wesley on 28 Dec 2010 asked "How would this carb preform on a stage 4 ported GP200 engine? Will I be able to mount this carb behind my pannel with a foam filter? What manifold would I use to mount it to a stock cylinder? Would it change the postion of the carb compared to a stock setup."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes you could use it, but it could be a little too big for the job, the manifold to go with it is MRB0067K we also do a filter which works MBU0447. It fits in the same position as a standard carb.

Adrian M on 03 Dec 2010 asked "I have a question about "35 / 200 - 250, Mikuni complete jetted carb kit for Reed valves" Could you supply this jetted to suit a TS1 225 with 50mm Gori "Race" exhaust with end can? Would it require much experimentation with jetting? If so, is there an easier to live with carburettor that would be more suitable? Thanks ATM"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: This carb kit comes completely overhauled and comes with spare main and needle jets. And it also comes with comprehensive jetting advice.

Ryan on 22 Jun 2008 asked "Would you recommend this for a Monza 200 with Clubman, or is the 35mm too big. I am using a PHBH 30 right now, but I know that the TMX35 offers about 15mm more clearance between the side panel and carb."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes its a bit shorter and you could use it, but the Clubman will restrict it too much.

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