Lambretta Race-Tour Cylinder head, 125-250, with cowlings, centre plug, MB


This is our special heat treated aluminum cast performance center plug cylinder head.

It is designed to fit under a normal Lambretta head cowlings, but you will of course have to make a new hole for the new plug position.

Access to the plug can be tricky making this head not 100% practical for a road going scooter, just remove the rear shocker and use an extension bar and socket which makes this easier.

These heads are machined to order so we will confirm specification with you when you order.

It can be machined to suit any 125 / 150 / 175 or 200 casing and any piston used.

Another part designed by Mark Broadhurst.

Lambretta Race-Tour Cylinder head, 125-250, with cowlings, centre plug, MB

£ 211.85
Price: £ 176.54 Ex Vat


  • Fits either small or large block cylinder studs.
  • Heads to fit with cylinder head cowls or without.
  • Anti warp heat treated heads.
  • Unlimited head compressions can be obtained.
  • Unlimited squish band size can be obtained.


  • Designed by Mark Broadhurst
  • Made from modern heat treated aluminum.
  • Machined for accurate stud to cylinder bore centralisation.
  • Machined to give perfect squish clearances.
  • Air cooled with cowls.
  • Air cooled with out cowls
  • Liquid cooled.

Development History

  • MRB have been making special cylinder heads for many years.
  • This development has produced the strongest heads available.

Reasons to Buy

  • Precision made.
  • Stronger.
  • Easy fit.


  • Always check squish clearances upon assembly.
  • Always make sure the head is centralised to the piston.
  • Always torque the head bolts to 18-20 lbs ft.
  • Re-torque the head nuts at 500-600 miles
  • Always use MRB special cylinder stud, nut and washer kits.


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