Lambretta Race-Tour Cylinder head, 125-250, square head, without cowlings, centre plug, MB


This is our original special heat treated aluminum cast oversized center plug head.

The biggest and best cooling head on the market.

It is designed to fit without a head cowl. Originally these heads were made for racing and sprinting but over the years have been used many times on high powered road engines with no ill effect because the size of the head the engine cools better. These are pre-machined with stud holes and center plug to suit 200 large block casings. You can take this head fully machined to suit or take these part machined and you can finish off the combustion chamber and squish your self (this will be a reduced price)

These heads are machined to order so please confirm specification when you order

  • we need to know the piston used
  • and diameter
  • any other another pointers you require

Idea to use on these engines

  • RB225 230 240 250
  • TS1 200 225 230 240
  • RT 200 205 210 220 225 230 240 245 250
  • Monza 200 225 230 240 245
  • Rapido 200 225 230 240 245 250
  • Cast iron 200 - 240
  • Monza 200 225 230 240

This is not an MZ head it is an MB head there is a massive difference!

Designed by Mark Broadhurst from MB's racing background.

Lambretta Race-Tour Cylinder head, 125-250, square head, without cowlings, centre plug, MB

£ 336.70
Price: £ 280.58 Ex Vat

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  • Fits large block cylinder studs.
  • Heads to fit without a head cowl.
  • Anti warp heat treated heads.
  • Unlimited head compressions can be obtained.
  • Unlimited squish band size can be obtained.


  • Designed by Mark Broadhurst
  • Made from modern heat treated aluminum.
  • Machined for accurate stud to cylinder bore centralisation.
  • Machined to give perfect squish clearances.
  • Air cooled with out cowls.

Development History

  • MRB have been making special cylinder heads for many years.
  • This development has produced the strongest heads available.

Reasons to Buy

  • Precision made.
  • Stronger.
  • Easy fit.


  • Always check squish clearances upon assembly.
  • Always make sure the head is centralised to the piston.
  • Always torque the head bolts to 18-20 lbs ft.
  • Re-torque the head nuts at 500-600 miles
  • Always use MRB special cylinder stud, nut and washer kits.
  • Access to the plug can be tricky making this head not 100% practical for a road going scooter, TOP TIP remove the rear shocker to get easier access with a socket and extension bar from underneath.


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Tim B on 16 Jul 2018 asked "Always looking out for cheeky upgrades without opening ports and fitting bigger carbs and expansion boxes. And after riding and keeping an eye on the temp with my tiny SIP gauge. I noticed how high the temp went when slow or stationary (sensor on cowal nut) After looking at the cowal especially the right side I thought how crap it seemed to be so was actually looking for a better cowal and saw this head so thought it might make a good cheeky upgrade with its central combustion chamber. (Removing shocker to get plug out is no real bother as I can’t remember the last time I took plug out) I use my scooter, almost daily and in London too, happy with Indian cylinder, Reed valve and 25mm carb so not going kit route for now but get very twitchy with left hand on clutch incase of nips. Would this head be a reasonable thing to do for my sort of riding or are there better ways to cool a cylinder. The standard cowal to my mind looks counter productive, think I’d use the flywheel side part of cowal to direct air to cylinder but bit the rest. Seeing as the cowal design in 50 years old when no computer modelling was around and not only your head comes machined to suit a piston with combustion- compression reduced to help with modern fuels it seems a no brainer to give it a try, maybe I’ve got no brain :-)"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Customers do use these heads and they do really remove the heat from an engine, and I know a few who use them in cities. The basic cowling design isn't bad and works very good in traffic and cities, probably better than a big head with no forced cooling. Personally I would fit one of our CNC heads these will remove heat just as good and still use the cowls.

Richard G on 18 Jun 2008 asked "I have a question about "Cylinder head 125 - 250 without cowlings centre plug" I would like to order one for a race bike running an RB22 but was concerned about squish etc. What do you normally recommend and how long would it take to get it delivered? Many thanks Rich G"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: It all depends on what you want, ideally aim for 1 -15mm squish clearance.

I would use no head gasket, which will give what seems like well over the top port timings but this will give maximum power.

We can aim for a good compression ratio but always comes down to the customer and how the engine is finally set up.

These heads are usually done within a week when we know your requirements.

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