Lambretta Race-Tour Cylinder head, 125-250, liquid cooled, centre plug, MB


This two part head is cast for us in heat treated aluminium and then we machine it to suit your cylinder.

It can be done to suit any type of Lambretta engine (i.e. 125 / 150 / 175 casings or 200 casings).

If you order this item we will contact you to confirm details before we start machining work.

You need to be aware of the limitations of the Lambretta frame when you are planning where all your plumbing will go but we can advise with this.

We can do complete liquid cooled top ends but they work out extremely expensive so this solution of head only cooling is sufficient in nearly all cases.

This item is a special custom order.

One of Mark Broadhursts designs.

We do all the other accessories to liquid cool your Lambretta, clear BGM radiator hose, BGM water pumps, in-line radiator temp sensors, small waterproof ON/OFF switches, fuses, fuse holders etc. Please phone us for more details.

Lambretta Race-Tour Cylinder head, 125-250, liquid cooled, centre plug, MB
  • Lambretta Race-Tour Cylinder head, 125-250, liquid cooled, centre plug, MB
  • Lambretta Race-Tour Cylinder head, 125-250, liquid cooled, centre plug, MB

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  • Fits either small or large block cylinder studs.
  • Heads to fit with cylinder head cowls or without.
  • Anti warp heat treated heads.
  • Unlimited head compressions can be obtained.
  • Unlimited squish band size can be obtained.


  • Designed by Mark Broadhurst
  • Made from modern heat treated aluminum.
  • Machined for accurate stud to cylinder bore centralisation.
  • Machined to give perfect squish clearances.
  • Air cooled with cowls.
  • Air cooled with out cowls
  • Liquid cooled.

Development History

  • MRB have been making special cylinder heads for many years.
  • This development has produced the strongest heads available.

Reasons to Buy

  • Precision made.
  • Stronger.
  • Easy fit.


  • Always check squish clearances upon assembly.
  • Always make sure the head is centralised to the piston.
  • Always torque the head bolts to 18-20 lbs ft.
  • Re-torque the head nuts at 500-600 miles
  • Always use MRB special cylinder stud, nut and washer kits.

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Samuel on 25 Jan 2017 asked "Hello, is the mounting of such a cylinder head (without going into details), can m bring a good extra power gain on an rb20 in addition to having a cooling to the top? Thank you very much for all your wonderful work"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: In short yes due to a better cylinder head machining design, but could be over the top really, if I saw your head I could supply a better air cooled head

Jim on 22 Oct 2010 asked "I have a question about "Cylinder head 125 - 250, liquid cooled, centre plug, MRB" I presume I will need to fit a pump, radiator, and expansion tank for this. Could the bits be sourced from a motorcycle dealer/breakers? If so what make and model?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: There are various ways to make LC heads work. You can use them with a pump or without one. Radiators depend where you want to fit one and size will depend on how much cooling you need. There is no fixed model to say second hand, we supply new radiators, pumps and gauges.

Karl on 20 Sep 2009 asked "Hi Does the price include the machining work to profile to suit my cylinder/piston ?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes, we will re-profile the head to suit your engine. Ideally we require your old head and piston to be used, sometimes if you have a special cylinder its worth supplying that as well. If its a new motor we need some basic information.

Rob on 10 Feb 2009 asked "I have a question about "Cylinder head 125 - 250 liquid cooled centre plug" Hi, Would the cooling effect of this head be sufficient for a (standard) RB250 to run without cowlings on a cutdown using an electric water pump? Also, does the price include the profiling of the head to the piston crown etc? Thanks."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes we have used this set up on engines much more powerful than a RB cylinder with no problems at all.

Ashley W on 04 Nov 2008 asked "I have a question about "Cylinder head 125 - 250 liquid cooled centre plug" Hi, could you tell me, what you do with the cylinder cowl, do you still fit it without the top half cheers ash"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: You have 4 choices:

1 Use no head cowl.

2 Use no head cowl with a ram air scoop.

3 Use a head cowl with the top cut off.

4 Use the head cowl and cut holes for the pipes.

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