Lambretta Kickstart rubber, Black, Series 3, MB


This is a quality kick-start rubber in Black.

It is made of hard plastic so will last longer than a rubber version.

To fit it, boil some water, drop it in and when it goes soft fit it to the kick start lever, if they are still tight press it on in a vice or use a soft hammer, after that the rubber will lock onto the lever.

If it is loose on the lever, mix some Araldite and glue it on.

Remade for MB.



Lambretta Kickstart rubber, Black, Series 3, MB

£ 5.16
Price: £ 4.30 Ex Vat

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5 star 1. Mike A 26 Sep 2010 

Fits well, and seems of strong durable manufafacture. Looking forward to re-introduction of grey variety though. Please advise.


5 star 2. Neil 05 Nov 2011 

Top quality piece.

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Brian T on 26 Jul 2022 asked "Will this fit a series 2 or are they just for series 3"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes it fits

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