Lambretta Race-Tour Headset (handlebar) Quick action throttle pulley (wheel, roller) Gp, Li, Sx, Tv, Brass, MB


Quick action throttle wheel to suit all handlebars.

Late type handlebar rods use a 5mm roll pin, Italian type with 4mm pins need drilling.

These now come with 4 x 4mm grub screws so you can use them on the early Li, Sx, Tv, Special handlebars. 

These are increased in diameter to reduce throttle roll on opening carbs up, idea for standard or large carbs.

Made from Brass to increase weight in the headset to reduce vibration.

Another Mark Broadhurst designed product to improve Lambretta riding.

NOTE; The headset casting for the throttle stop needs filing slightly for these to fit.

Lambretta Race-Tour Headset (handlebar) Quick action throttle pulley (wheel, roller) Gp, Li, Sx, Tv, Brass, MB
  • Lambretta Race-Tour Headset (handlebar) Quick action throttle pulley (wheel, roller) Gp, Li, Sx, Tv, Brass, MB
  • Lambretta Race-Tour Headset (handlebar) Quick action throttle pulley (wheel, roller) Gp, Li, Sx, Tv, Brass, MB

£ 31.01
Price: £ 25.84 Ex Vat

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Reviews ( 3 )


5 star 1. Steve B 05 Mar 2017 

Well made part !! Very fast service good quality,not fitted it yet though


5 star 2. Gary B 05 Mar 2016 

After finally making a few mods to lwr headset...very happy with product, no more worries, Appy Days


5 star 3. Dino 25 May 2021 

Quality made part , fitted perfectly with minor modification to the throttle stop. Very reasonably priced when compared with others on the market.

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Jeff on 20 Jun 2023 asked "how does the spring connect to throttle control ?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Wraps around the rod, one end goes into the screw on the saddle, the other end uses a split pin through a hole in the rod

Steve on 09 Mar 2023 asked "What do you use for a throttle stop agaist the headset please?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: It comes with a throttle stop bolted to it. Some headsets vary so you can adjust it slightly

John B on 18 Mar 2021 asked "Hi. Will this fit a Spanish series 2 with the splined control rods? Thanks. John."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes it will, may need the headset stop altering a bit

Rob on 19 Oct 2015 asked "Hi, Will this fit on standard TV3 175 rods? The same questions applies to the gear wheel? If not what other parts do I need to buy to get it setup correctly? Thanks! Rob"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: If you go onto each wheel, there are relative products showing whats required in the kit. All you would need to do is modify the clutch housing and throttle tube to suit the GP type bush

Peter on 05 Aug 2015 asked "Hi, do I need to grind any material from inside the headset to get this to fit? Cheers Pete."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes a little either grind/file the area where the stop goes

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