Lambretta Tool, tubeless tyre holding/fitting, MB


A simple holding jig to clamp Lambretta and Vespa 10'' tubeless wheel rims solid so you can hand fit tyres easier than normal.

Designed by Mark Broadhurst and developed in our own workshop.

This tool can be mounted in a vice, on a table/work bench or on the floor or bolted to a stand.

  • Screw the rim to holding tool
  • Pre warm a tyre
  • Soap around the rim and tyre edges
  • Push the tyre over the rim into the tyre well
  • Push/walk both sides of the tyre over the rim, (may require tyre levers)
  • Remove the valve, blow air in to pop the tyre onto the tyre bead
  • Refit the valve and re fill with air to desired pressures

Lambretta Tool, tubeless tyre holding/fitting, MB
  • Lambretta Tool, tubeless tyre holding/fitting, MB
  • Lambretta Tool, tubeless tyre holding/fitting, MB

£ 53.88
Price: £ 44.90 Ex Vat

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Reviews ( 5 )


5 star 1. Derek S 04 Sep 2012 

My wheel rim holder arrived yesterday. Ten minutes later I had fitted my first tubeless tyre by hand. Thank you MB you have changed my life, Derek (Scooterlabs) Melbourne


5 star 2. David 03 Mar 2014 

used to great effect, makes for easier fitting of tyres.


5 star 3. Sean Q 12 Oct 2017 

Excellent tool for installing and removing tubeless tires from rims. Makes a tough job much easier! Highly recommended! I actually have & use 2 of them.


5 star 4. Barry S 11 Feb 2022 

Excellent bit of kit well worth the money makes fitting tubeless tyres a breeze


5 star 5. Richard 14 Apr 2022 

Changed my first tubeless tyre in 10mins. Cheers Mark

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Paul C on 13 Oct 2023 asked "What tyre levers would you recommend "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Any motorcycle type

Jonny B on 26 Mar 2016 asked "Hi MB. Could you advise on how to fit this in a vice, please. I can only work out that it fits vertically. Is this correct? . Or am I missing a bracket which sits it horizontal? Cheers, Jonny. "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: If you bolt a piece of angle iron to it you can fit it into a vice. It's not a part we make for the tool

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