Lambretta Petrol (fuel) tank drip tray, with felt washer


This drip tray is as fitted to later Lambrettas to stop you getting oil and petrol everywhere when filling up the petrol tank.

A tip for fitting these is to put them in some hot water before you do so.

This makes them more pliable and easy to fit.

This comes with the felt washer.

Lambretta Petrol (fuel) tank drip tray, with felt washer
  • Lambretta Petrol (fuel) tank drip tray, with felt washer
  • Lambretta Petrol (fuel) tank drip tray, with felt washer

£ 12.41
Price: £ 10.34 Ex Vat

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Reviews ( 5 )


5 star 1. Philip W 26 Oct 2023 

Great fit, and it finishes top of the tank perfectly. I soaked it in warm water on.


5 star 2. S.bourne 03 Mar 2023 

All parts ordered in stock and delivered quickly A1


5 star 3. TONY B 20 Apr 2014 

Excellent much better quality in my opinion.


5 star 4. Tim K 09 Dec 2021 

Great little Product!


5 star 5. Glynn 16 Mar 2022 

Arrived on time does what it says on the tin, good service

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Mike s on 21 Mar 2023 asked "what is the size of the diameter of the hole for the filler neck or what is the diameter of the filler neck."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Diameter is around 45mm

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