Lambretta Exhaust, Clubman (Big Box) unpainted, MBgm

OEM: BGM2105

The MBgm Big Box Clubman designed by Mark Broadhurst.

Suits Oval and Round port flanged cylinders but not RB's

NOTE - Round exhaust flanges are now a separate item.

Will fit all these cylinders;

  • Standard Cast 
  • Race-Tour
  • Rapido
  • SR/KA
  • Factory kits
  • Casa
  • TS1
  • Imola
  • Monza
  • Avanti (requires the fins modifying)

Mugellos are all different, early ones with a standard exhaust face is not a problem, later ones create a problem, so we offer a different main swan neck flange to suit.

Comes complete with;

  • Oval flange
  • 2 exhaust gaskets for each flange
  • Main swan neck bracket
  • Rear tailpipe adjustable bracket
  • Fasteners for swan neck bracket
  • Exhaust springs (4 x 60mm and 2 x 50mm)
  • spring hook tool for ease of fitment

These are unpainted, don't forget to paint, chrome or coat these they will rust in no time untreated.

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Lambretta Exhaust, Clubman (Big Box) unpainted, MBgm
  • Lambretta Exhaust, Clubman (Big Box) unpainted, MBgm
  • Lambretta Exhaust, Clubman (Big Box) unpainted, MBgm
  • Lambretta Exhaust, Clubman (Big Box) unpainted, MBgm
  • Lambretta Exhaust, Clubman (Big Box) unpainted, MBgm
  • Lambretta Exhaust, Clubman (Big Box) unpainted, MBgm
  • Lambretta Exhaust, Clubman (Big Box) unpainted, MBgm
  • Lambretta Exhaust, Clubman (Big Box) unpainted, MBgm
  • Lambretta Exhaust, Clubman (Big Box) unpainted, MBgm
  • Lambretta Exhaust, Clubman (Big Box) unpainted, MBgm
  • Lambretta Exhaust, Clubman (Big Box) unpainted, MBgm

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Price: £ 167.91 Ex Vat

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Flanges on these Clubmans can hit on some cylinder fins top and bottom of the exhaust port. It is something we are looking into for future product.

You can do these modifications
  • Fit the gasket, note they fit in 2 ways, get it right, offer up the flange, use the flat and spring washers, put a little loctite on each nut, fit and tighten the flange, this will slightly splay out the fins but they don't break they are flexible enough and works fine
  • You can cut or grind the fins either side of the flange, easy done with the right tools about 1 minutes job
  • You can heat up and dent the flange or ask us nicely to do it


  • Before painting, chroming plating or coating fit the exhaust first to make sure it fits. Engines/cylinders vary from model to model it's worth it in the long run. It's worth running the engine for a few miles to loosen it up before plating
  • If painting the exhaust it will last longer if the exhaust is sand blasted first
  • If slip joints are tight use some grease or oil to help them slide together, try both slip joints in your hands first and twist them
  • Cowlings will need modifying around the exhaust flange area
  • Fit the cylinder flange first
  • Fit the U bend before you offer the exhaust up to the flange and main bracket
  • Fit all brackets and screws loose first so the exhaust all fits, then tighten up each one slowly a little at the time
  • It's very important to fit ALL the screws, nuts and springs, if one is missing it can make the pipe unreliable
  • These are not designed to fit the later Mugello cylinders with the incorrectly machined exhaust flange, this flange makes it hard to fit all the brackets and will stress the exhaust

Reviews ( 16 )


5 star 1. Tom 12 Aug 2014 

seems well made, like a one off hand built special. Replacement for taffy copy. Sounds superb not noisy at all. Main difference it pulls slightly less low down but holds torque midrange and makes and keeps its power longer and further. Brilliant bit of kit I recommend it.


5 star 2. Loz D 08 Apr 2013 

Superb bit of kit and worth the wait.Huge improvement on previous clubman, in terms of fit, build quality and most importantly performance..excellent


5 star 3. Adrian M 30 May 2013 

Just received my MB BIG BOX CLUBMAN for my TS1 225 ? Beautiful piece of kit, appears well made, down pipe fits main box without any hassle! Can't wait to fit it and hear it, I always wanted a standard looking and sounding exhaust that performed like an expansion box.


5 star 4. Steve w 08 Jul 2013 

orderd it on the monday and it arrived tues morning,looks good and the fitting was easy,test ride and what a differnce it has made to my gp225 rapido classic,rode it to cleethorpes and back its a bit loud on the open road but that didnt bother me,pulls well from low down and when it gets going it feels it it wants to just keep going,one happy customer


5 star 5. 18 Sep 2013 

Build quality seems excellent and delivery was quick and as expected. So thank you for that!!


5 star 6. P w 02 Dec 2015 

Cant belive how the big box clubman fits,so easy its childs play ......qaulity through and through,love how easy it is to get to the oil level plug...... Thanks for making qaulity items......dont retire!


5 star 7. Dean 03 Apr 2016 

have the V3, this is a fantastic exhaust..someone has really thought this through as fitting is easy, adjustment superb. it looks original and is very quiet, almost sounds original (much quieter than my ancellotti it replaces)..Pulls much better throughout the range


5 star 8. Kev 16 May 2016 

Just bought my 2nd Bgm Clubman, great exhaust, totally transformed my scooter, designed really well and fits perfectly. All ready now for the Euro trip to Germany


5 star 9. Richard P 31 May 2016 

Fitted to sx200 engined series 2. Tip: fit cowling then springs! Love exhaust. Well designed. Seems to boost performance. A tight fit. Needed some jiggling!


5 star 10. Warren m 30 Jul 2016 

excellent and easy fitting exhaust


5 star 11. Daz S 24 Aug 2016 

Beautifully made,easy to put together and has a really nice tone to it.


5 star 12. Martin B 09 Oct 2016 

Super quick delivery, really easy fittment. Sounds great. LI not moted or run in yet so cannot comment on proformance. Same great quality as you would expect from Mr B


5 star 13. Rob B 26 Aug 2017 

Excellent exhaust I have 3mm packing plate so adjustable bracket means great fit.put this on instead of standard exhaust difference of performace is top notch. Noise of exhaust lot quieter than other bgm that I've heard


5 star 14. B S 17 Oct 2017 

Bought this to replace a noisy KBA silencer I had fitted. It does the job well, much quieter. This was fitted to a SIL ( Indian ) 200cc engine, and I did have to modify a few things: 1) cylinder cowling aperture needed enlarging. 2) front of cylinder fin needed cutting back. 3) Front flange on box failed the stand mounting . 4) the fixing lug underneath needed the hole moved over and a packing piece under it in order for the tail pipe bracket to fit. Other then that good well made product


5 star 15. David H 26 Oct 2017 

Delivery was super quick. The exhaust fitted without any issues. Really happy with the performance. Another great MB product.


5 star 16. Anthony D 28 Nov 2018 

Brilliant exhaust and great service as usual.

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Paul S on 11 Jul 2018 asked "When timing my engine would you sugest timing using settings as box pipe or expansion in conjunction with this exhaust"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: 17 degrees works on all engines if set up correctly

Richard L on 21 Mar 2018 asked "Hi, have ordered one of these unpainted. Can you recommend anybody in the South Yorks area for chroming."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: We use Quality chrome in Hull

MARTYN on 22 Jan 2018 asked "Hi Mark Im thinking of fitting one of your bgm clubman v4 exhaust to my MB 196cc cylinder But my casing is a 150 how do I secure the box the casing has no stud hole why don't you make one that can be attached to the casing studs"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: When I designed the pipe, I didnt realise how many engines didnt have the underneath bracket, it turns out there were lots. You can do the old 60's Innocenti conversion and we offer this bracket to do it MBP0436

Kieron B on 21 Sep 2017 asked "I am building a Rapido 225 classic with an Italian Li150 gearbox and 30mm dellorto and going to buy one of your BGM Bigbore V4 clubmans, could you please suggest a final drive ratio for fast road /. touring / rallies. "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Anywhere between 5:1 and 4.8:1

Darren on 12 Jul 2017 asked "Are these the V4 exhausts"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: They are

Mark H on 23 Nov 2016 asked "Hi how well does the exhaust rev out I have fitted a mugello 198, 60 110 crank with reed valve conversion. Whilst I want the torque the clubman wil deliver. I was wondering on the top end of the rev range the exhaust will achieve. My Final Drive is 4.9 "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: If it was one of my own engines, they rev to 8500rpm with power from 2500rpm. But they all vary some rev on to 9000rpm

Paul on 06 Nov 2016 asked "Would the bgm exhaust benefit a standard 200 with a 22mm I appreciate you don't work from standard engines, Regards"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes we're are told they give up to 3bhp more

Tim m on 19 Sep 2016 asked " Hi, I'm running an rt195 with a 28 dellorto. I had a nk road that ran really well but I've changed to a pm tuning for ground clearance and it's terrible. In your opinion (and I won't hold you to it) would I be better off with the bgm clubman? I'm 2 up on this a lot too. Cheers, Tim"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: The PM is one of the worst exhausts on the market. It is all revs and no power. The MBgm clubman gives a great power spread with revs

David S on 25 Jul 2016 asked "Does the exhaust fit the GT 186 KIT."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: It should do

Craig on 09 Jul 2016 asked "Would I need to do any modifications to fit the V3 version to a Mugello V2 186? It would be replacing a CASA S1/2 big bore pipe. Question in reference to your comment on Mugello kits. Thanks and regards Craig"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: In theory yes it should fit no probelm, the new brackets are adjustable, but all exhausts/engines can vary slightly

Mark h on 26 Jun 2016 asked "Hi, I am going to fit one of your RT195 kits with a 25mm dellorto thru the air box with a 42 clubman. I currently have a new model AF ray speed clubman and I was wondering if you knew if there is much difference in the power output between your big bore and the AF exhaust"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: We I was developing the MBgm Clubman there was around 4bhp difference

Richard k on 21 May 2016 asked "hi is that the mark 3 thanks"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes latest V3

Glenn on 03 May 2016 asked "are there fitting instructions for the clubman. need to know which springs go where. Thanks Glenn"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Sorry no it should be quite easy pick the spring that is tight when fitted

Chris b on 11 Apr 2016 asked "Hi I'm just wondering will these ever be made to fit a Rb barrel or is there no plans for that in the future at all Cheers"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Sorry no plan to do this, it would be the wrong exhaust for the cylinder kit

Richard on 10 Jan 2016 asked "Can i just spray this or does it need treating first. I think I read that it should be blasted first Ta "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Ideally degreased. Then sand blasted, then heated and sprayed.

Nick R on 31 Jul 2014 asked "I'm a total novice and considering the V2 Pro Clubman for my standard TV175 S3. It currently runs a 50 pilot jet and 110 main jet to support a standard clubman. Will I require a further re-jet and what difference should I expect once fitted? Thanks"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Giving jetting advice on an unknown engine is always hard. We don't work with standard carbs, so suggest you increase the main jet and work down to suit the engine.

Paul d on 14 May 2014 asked "what needs to be done to fit this to the avanti? i know fins need trimming but which onesa and by how much?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: The fins need grinding away around the off side near where the main bracket is, sorry you will have to try it and modify as you go, we never developed the pipe around the Avanti cylinder

Paul d on 31 Aug 2013 asked "do you sell the adjustable tailpipe brackets seperate? "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Not at the moment, they have been ordered

Andy m on 04 Jul 2013 asked "Just received my big box clubman should I paint the u bend as well as the box?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied:,-mb-big-box-clubman,-mbgm/mbgm0253.html

Bernhard on 03 Jul 2013 asked "Hi, I want to run the exthaus with a TS1 with 60 mm stroke and can now vary timings a little bit. For which timings this exhaust is designed for? With 1,5 mm base gasket I would get a transfer timing of 125,5° and a exhaust timing of 183,5° (=blow down timing 29°). Thanks for help! Regards, Bernhard"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Will work fine and pull like a train, they work on nearly all port timings

Andrew s on 02 Jul 2013 asked "Hi Recieved my new MB/BGM clubman this afternoon thanks for sending so quick , i was wondering is it advisable to use any sealant on the U-bend tp box fitting or should the springs when fitted be enough ? Thanks"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Always best to be on the safe side and smear a bit of silicone sealer on the slip joints, doesn't always last but helps

Mark D on 14 May 2013 asked "Exhaust comes with 3 pairs of springs -- one pair in a rubber sleeve. Where do these go. Pics show 2 pairs in use? Cheers"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: It depends on if it's a round or oval type flange. 4 should be used on a round flange and two on a oval flange, the other 2 fit the main box

Mauserliene on 26 Sep 2012 asked "ey up, so like, any further news on possible release date? cheers"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Sorry no delivery date, waiting on SCK to return from Taiwan tomorrow so I will know then, check out our facebook

Giancarlo on 19 Aug 2012 asked "Hi Mark, i've currently on of your RT cylinders 71mm bore x 60 stroke crank (MRB1612 which i don't know if has been tuned from you or has standard tport timings). Will i have some benefits using one of your clubmans? Actually i've a gori 50mm pipe. My gearbox ratio actually is 4,52 what final ratio do you advise with your box? Thanks."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: The RT kit you have is standard porting. The Gori runs high torque high revs but is very noisy, the only way to test these things is try them as every engine is set up a little different.

Geoff c on 01 Jul 2012 asked "Hi, are you any closer to knowing when this exhaust will be in stock."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: We've had one sample which was cut up and two more samples are been made again for us to test. Maybe another month, not worth rushing it if you want quality

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