Lambretta Rear shock absorber (shocker, damper) Black, Series 1, 2, 3, bgm


BGMs excellent top quality totally adjustable rear shock absorber (damper)

Designed as a perfect fit for all Lambretta Scooters.

Adjustable ride height for Series 1, 2 or 3 and adjustable to to give clearance for inlet manifolds.

Now with a softer computer designed 3 stage damper spring which gives adjustment from one to two people including bags.

Gives improved road handling and cornering.

Improved rubber mounting bushes top and bottom.

Lambretta Rear shock absorber (shocker, damper) Black, Series 1, 2, 3, bgm
  • Lambretta Rear shock absorber (shocker, damper) Black, Series 1, 2, 3, bgm
  • Lambretta Rear shock absorber (shocker, damper) Black, Series 1, 2, 3, bgm
  • Lambretta Rear shock absorber (shocker, damper) Black, Series 1, 2, 3, bgm
  • Lambretta Rear shock absorber (shocker, damper) Black, Series 1, 2, 3, bgm
  • Lambretta Rear shock absorber (shocker, damper) Black, Series 1, 2, 3, bgm

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  • Adjustable for rebound.
  • Adjustable for compression.


  • Designed to be fully adjustable for any weight.
  • Black spring is rated at 180lbs.
  • Modern CNC machined.
  • Adjustable 300 - 310mm
  • As from 2013 the C spanner is no longer supplied with the shock, but a new smaller BGM tool is supplied, it has two ends, one end is used to tighten the small plastic grub lock screw, the other round end is used to adjust the pre-load on the spring itself.

Development History

  • Developed to replace faulty standard and uprated shock absorbers.
  • Designed in Germany.
  • Road and Race tested.

Reasons to Buy

  • Two year warranty.
  • High quality CNC machined.
  • Light weight.
  • Rebound adjustable.
  • Compression adjustable.
  • Simple easy to fit.
  • Direct replacement to standard and uprated rear shockers.


  • Can fitted either way round it makes no difference.
  • Make sure the shocker slides easy on both shafts.
  • Grease mounting points.
  • Use special recessed shocker nyloc nuts MRB0693K, fully tighten and back off 1/8 of a turn.
  • Use special MRB0694K spacer washers with some wide rear mudguards.

Reviews ( 11 )


5 star 1. David P 29 Jul 2010 

Thank you for sending spring very good quality very please with item cheers.


5 star 2. Lee b 10 Jan 2011 

spot on,very good quality.thanks for v quick delivery.


5 star 3. Fraser 11 Dec 2012 

Fantastic product, well made and a great looker, all back by fast and secure delivery. Perfect, Thanks MB.


5 star 4. John C 17 Nov 2020 

Dogs knob


5 star 5. Darren c 11 Jun 2011 



5 star 6. Phil 13 May 2012 

superb piece of kit totally transformed the scooter,thankyou


5 star 7. Phil 17 Jun 2013 

After spending two weeks in France for the Euro Lambretta this shock got fully tested. Some of the rural roads were in a terrible state, however thanks to the shock it meant a smooth ride. Very impressed.


5 star 8. Lone R 20 Jan 2014 

Ordered ThursdayPM, received it Friday AM - very quick delivery. Another execellent product from MBGM - how do you make such a great piece of kit for the money? Could not fault the finish or performance in any way - Absolutely Superb!


5 star 9. Nigel Y 10 Sep 2016 

Just want to say thanks for your great service. The BGM shock is a vast improvement over my old one!


5 star 10. Paul S 27 Jul 2017 

I have always fitted these to my scooters, the quality is excellent, they looks the dogs and work really well.


5 star 11. Ken W 07 Jan 2018 

Quality product and easy to adjust when installed. Would recommend buying the spacer washers for the extra clearance.

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Jack C on 20 Jan 2016 asked "Hi I bought my shock last year, I have no instructions on how to set it up properly is there a manual available for this? On another note mine didn't come with the spanner pictured, is that extra?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied:

If you feel something is not correct with this product description or image then please contact us using the same link