Lambretta Tool, drift front hub bearing and seal, MB


This tool is designed to safely and easily refit front hub bearings and seals helping you to put them in straight without damaging bearings, seals and more importantly the hub.

Designed by mark Broadhurst and used in our own MB workshop its been improved with knurling on the shaft for grip with grease on your hands.

The tool is scooped out so it doesn't damage the inner race on the bearing.

Lambretta Tool, drift front hub bearing and seal, MB

£ 11.99
Price: £ 9.99 Ex Vat


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John G on 20 Oct 2022 asked "Will this knock out the two bearings on my 1962 TV 175 front disc brake on my Lambretta many thanks."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Sorry no they only fit both bearings and seals

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