Lambretta Fork link bush, each, stainless steel, MB


MB remake these precision fork link bushes in stainless steel for a longer life.

This is the inner bush that goes round the fork link bolt and fits inside the bush inside the fork link itself.

You need two of these per scooter.

We still recommend greasing these bushes when fitting with our nylon bushes.

Always make sure they are free moving in the nylon bush before assembly.

Please note most fork links have different sized holes where the nylon bush goes it will mean some steel bushes are tight perfect or loose.

Our bushes are sized to be an average to fit all.

If tight always ream the nylon bush so the inner bush is free.

Lambretta Fork link bush, each, stainless steel, MB

£ 4.38
Price: £ 3.65 Ex Vat

Reviews ( 5 )


5 star 1. Richard W 02 Jun 2011 

Got them and they are great


5 star 2. Boris M 28 Aug 2016 

The MB fork link bush stainless steel and the MB fork link nylon bush fit perfectly! MB seems to provide the only reliable fork link components. Before I bought those I tried to install the Casa Lambretta bush set and they are NOT safe at all.


5 star 3. Boris M 28 Aug 2016 



5 star 4. David C 08 Apr 2019 

Serious quality as usual and a super fit


5 star 5. David B 06 Mar 2022 

Excellent quality, fit & service.

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