Lambretta Exhaust fastener kit, studs, nuts, washers, gasket for Oval exhaust port cylinders, MB


MB exhaust fastener kit, fit this little kit to your Lambretta cylinder and you wont have your exhaust come loose again!

Kit contains all MB made parts;

  • MB precision made exhaust studs for oval exhaust port type cylinders
  • Longer MB brass exhaust nuts now 9mm deep
  • MB Graftec metal sandwich universal big-bore exhaust gasket for all oval port type cylinders
  • 2 x 7mm spring washers in mild steel
  • 2 x flat plain washers in stainless steel

(always use a loctite on the exhaust stud before fitting to cylinder and like wise a small dab on the brass nut)

Handy kit to keep in your toolbox- anyone whose blown an exhaust gasket or had an exhaust nut come loose will know the
importance of keeping these parts on you at all times.

The gasket is to be concidered a one fit item, although they can sometimes be used again.

Lambretta Exhaust fastener kit, studs, nuts, washers, gasket for Oval exhaust port cylinders, MB

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Reviews ( 6 )


5 star 1. Martin J 14 Aug 2019 

Very prompt delivery and website easy to use. What more could I ask for? Thank you


5 star 2. ADAM S 14 Nov 2013 

Perfect quality parts as always from MB.


5 star 3. Martin C 30 Aug 2023 

Excellent service & much easier with the longer stud & nut , don't know I've managed without them


5 star 4. Audiard 16 Jul 2016 

Excellent quality as usual.


5 star 5. Hugh R 20 Dec 2019 

Nice little product. Well thought out and fits well.


5 star 6. Brian 14 Sep 2023 

Always top quality and improved product’s thanks

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Ken on 12 Jun 2020 asked "Hi Will this be compatible with my RT195 exhaust port."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes correct

Ray on 15 May 2020 asked "Hello Mark Is this suitable for a standard iron barrel . 175 ORIGINAL SO GASKET ?? Thanks "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: The hole is bigger but it works perfect on all cylinders

Martin P on 19 Apr 2020 asked "Which end of the stud goes into the cylinder head? Thanks"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Short end

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