Lambretta Tool, drift end plate bearing, MB


This MB tool is designed to make it easy and safe to refit the gearbox end plate bearing with out damaging the bearing.

It's designed in such a way so it hits the out race not the inner race.

Now with a knurled handle for grip.

Lambretta Tool, drift end plate bearing, MB

£ 17.88
Price: £ 14.90 Ex Vat

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5 star 1. Shane 17 Jun 2010 

Another quality tool fit for the home mechanics toolbox


5 star 2. PAUL , 27 May 2023 

Prior to me buying this drift - I'd wrecked three sets of bearings and cracked a endplate by trying to fit bearings with various makeshift devices . Well made, quality part which makes rebuilds a 100% easier - nice on MB

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John on 07 Apr 2021 asked "Hi Mark, Does this drift work on both the end plate Roller bearings MBB0013 bearings and Gearbox cluster end plate bearings MBB0128 ? Thanks"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: It fits the roller bearing that has the circlip

John on 24 Dec 2020 asked "Hi Mark. Can this be used anywhere else apart from the end plate bearing? Thanks"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: I think it fits a Vespa as well

Andy on 25 Jun 2012 asked "it is usual to hear that if you have to drift a bearing you must do it on the bearing outer edge. but this one seems to do it in the middle. can you tell me more? thanks andy"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: I only recommend this on stripping a engine quick were the bearing gets binned, it also fits in a Vespa bearing on the outside to fit one from memory

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