Lambretta Tool, dial gauge only, 10mm travel, MB


This is a high quality 10mm movement dial gauge.

It can be used with our cylinder head dial gauge bracket kit to set your timing from top dead center.

Lambretta Tool, dial gauge only, 10mm travel, MB

£ 16.80
Price: £ 14.00 Ex Vat


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Phil b on 24 May 2015 asked "Hi I purchased thus along with a timing disc....I would appreciate at least some. Rudimentary instructions as to how to actually use this item. I have the bracket too....I am also guessing, as I appear to be doing guessing quite a lot....that I actually don't need to timing disc? So please would you be kind enough to send me some instructions? I am running an Imola 186 and according to Luke I need to be setting the degrees to 17 retarded? Cheers Btw. If I actually do not need/require the timing disc I will return....please advise "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Rudimentary instructions are on the product page for ignition timings and set up procedures. Both tools are required both can do ignition timing marks. the timing disc can be used for port timings

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