Lambretta Drive side plate high tensile allen screw kit (set of 4)


If you've ever taken apart a Lambretta engine you will have struggled to undo the 4 screws that hold the drive side seal plate in place.

The slot for the screwdriver may have been worn away from past attempts to remove the screws and they might be damaged where someone has hit them with a centre punch to stop them working loose.

So we use these high tensile screws with an Allen cap to make them easier to do up and undo again in the future.

We recommend using a small smear of loctite to secure them.

This part number is for 4 screws.

Lambretta Drive side plate high tensile allen screw kit (set of 4)

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Reviews ( 10 )


5 star 1. Gary r 30 Mar 2007 



5 star 2. Sean H 20 Jun 2009 

perfect for what i needed, good stuff guys, and speedy shipping to the states. thanks


5 star 3. Richard R 25 Jun 2020 

Excellent quality happy to fit your parts to my show quality scooter all day long. Very quick delivery thanks very happy.


5 star 4. KEITH C 27 Jan 2022 

Great service. Recommended supplier.


5 star 5. Vespaloco 26 Oct 2013 

A must for any quality engine rebuild.


5 star 6. Jason L 24 Mar 2014 

Quality part that does the job well.


5 star 7. Edward 12 Mar 2021 

big improvement on the original fitment screws


5 star 8. John 11 May 2021 

Fast del, quality parts


5 star 9. Andy K 17 Aug 2022 

Fantastic quality and defined allen screw heads give you more purchase when tightening and removing which hopefully is not too often.


5 star 10. Terry G 10 Dec 2023 

As always good quality and delivered on time Thank you

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