Lambretta Race-Tour Drive side sliding dog, MB


This item fits with the front sprocket onto the sprocket sleeve.

An MB made quality product.

Lambretta Race-Tour Drive side sliding dog, MB

£ 10.80
Price: £ 9.00 Ex Vat

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Reviews ( 3 )


5 star 1. Paul S 31 Jan 2022 

Nice product, will work nicely with my MB front sprocket


5 star 2. Peter M 23 Apr 2021 

Another great product from MB


5 star 3. Dave R 17 Aug 2021 

yet another quality product

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Glen T on 07 Jun 2022 asked "Hi very good service thanks. I purchased a 15 tooth front drive sil sprocket however it does not seem to mate up very well with the unknown sliding dog . Do you do a mating 15 tooth sprocket and dog Cheers "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: You can return it with the mating part and I can sort it out or yes we can do the 2 new parts

Peter M on 26 Mar 2021 asked "Is this a MB made product or somebody like SIL?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Made for MB not SIL

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