Lambretta Rear light reflector, LED, AC and DC, 12v Series 3, bgm


Another excellent BGM product. Works AC and DC supplied. Headlights improve with less drain on the lighting system.

>This is a straight fit to:

  • All Series 3 – Li, Sx, Tv (except for the ones with a Carello rear light housing)
  • Can be made to fit for the DL/GP rear light housing, stick in place with silicone sealer
  • Straight fit to all SERIES 2 rear light housings from mid of 1960

Colour coded to fit as this

  • Wiring loom black wire - to Yellow wire on LED reflector
  • Wiring loom pink or red wire (from brake light switch) to red on LED reflector
  • Black wire on LED reflector is the earth and must be bolted to BARE metal on frame

Lambretta Rear light reflector, LED, AC and DC, 12v Series 3, bgm
  • Lambretta Rear light reflector, LED, AC and DC, 12v Series 3, bgm
  • Lambretta Rear light reflector, LED, AC and DC, 12v Series 3, bgm
  • Lambretta Rear light reflector, LED, AC and DC, 12v Series 3, bgm
  • Lambretta Rear light reflector, LED, AC and DC, 12v Series 3, bgm
  • Lambretta Rear light reflector, LED, AC and DC, 12v Series 3, bgm

£ 21.23
Price: £ 17.69 Ex Vat


To make it fit in a GP type rear light unit is very easy, just silicone glue the LED flat plate into the GP housing where the bulb normally fits, it will then stay put and the silicone with prevent vibrations.

Reviews ( 45 )


5 star 1. Neil 12 Jan 2013 

Great item. Fitted this to my GP using the silicone sealant trick as my lens is not an expensive italian one. Fitted perfect. Now my rear light/brake light can be seen in daylight. Some people say its pricey...I'm an electronics design engineer and can say its not. For a little over £20 inc delivery - I couldnt do it cheaper (and I'm not on commission)! I am running it on 12V AC and it works perfectly...everyone should have one!


5 star 2. Craig H 14 Mar 2010 

Very nice piece of kit, only problem is on a GP rear light you have to glue it in. From Mark, sorry about that we are working on a new version for the future.


5 star 3. Steve p 09 Apr 2010 

excellent product (bity pricey), fantastic service


5 star 4. Richard 13 Apr 2010 

Excellent product, cheaper than buying a new Casa lambretta bulbholder.


5 star 5. Graham g 07 Nov 2010 

Great light. Uses less power then original bulb, very bright. One problem for me. I have the Carello, one piece, tail light and because the reflector is curved out, there is not enough room for the LED light without modification. Lots of modification, if you want it to eluminate everything properly. But I was able to make it work with a little two sided tape and a lot 'carefull' shaping. Also had to drill the two small dain holes in the bottom of the housing to a larger size for the wiring if one dosn't want to redo the wire conectors.


5 star 6. Bizz 26 Feb 2011 

I bought one of the GP back lights from MB which has a flat internal instead of the curved one and this fits in superbly with a bit of double sided number plate tape at either end. Tried it out today and cant believe how bright it is just using a AC supply. Fantastic piece of kit. Well done. :)


5 star 7. Lee m 28 Apr 2011 

purchased one of these for my series 3 . thought it was so good i bought another one straight away for my series 2 scoot. It fits very easy on both the series 2 and 3 . with clear no messing wiring instructions included .very bright on back light and super bright on brake light. they work on 12 volt ac or 12 volt dc systems . both of mine are working on 12 volt AC varitronic wiring systems. I was amazed at how bright they are


5 star 8. Michael n 06 May 2011 

expected top service and a quality item and thats what i got thanks guys.


5 star 9. Neil 19 May 2011 

FItted my SX rear light without any modification. It is amazingly bright, yet as it is LED it uses next to no power. Now when sitting at lights, touching the brake doesn't make the headlight dim. Another quality item helping drag Lambrettas into the 21st century.


5 star 10. Wings 12 May 2020 

Gotta be the way ahead!! Nice.


5 star 11. Ian R 17 Aug 2011 

Fantastic! Just taken me all of 5 mins to fit one of these to my SX - straight on no probs. Nice bright rear & brake light - & no more dimming of headlight when you touch the brake. Hurry up and get the Series 1 version available please!


5 star 12. Kev B 11 Oct 2011 

Excellent service from MRB - recommend the LED rear light, easy to fit and is much more efficient, the brake light is much easier seen in daylight too.


5 star 13. Lee a 26 Jan 2012 

What a fantastic bit of kit . Well worth the money .


5 star 14. Andy T 28 Jan 2012 

Just fitted this to my '61 S2. 5 minute job, real plug and play. No fettling. Lights are brilliant and the headlight doesnt dim now when you put brake on. Cant fault it.


5 star 15. Hugh R 30 Aug 2015 

Brilliant bit of kit. Ordered from MB on Thursday and arrived next day. Have been using an LED cluster bulb to conserve power to the headlight but the spread of light was poor. 20 quid and 10 minutes work and the rear and brake light are now modern day bright. Outstanding.


5 star 16. Kev W 21 Apr 2013 

Fitted it to my GP and followed your tips using the silicone. Had to alter rear light bracket, but fitted perfect after that and works great!


5 star 17. Dennis 13 Jun 2013 

lovely works a treat good strong light and build. bought a cheaper version off the bay lasted 2outings. buy cheap buy twice will we ever learn??


5 star 18. Sally 06 Dec 2013 

got this for hubby for xmas so cant rate it yet but the service was really quick thanks


5 star 19. Andy T 17 Jun 2014 

if you only buy one thing for your lammy this year make it this !


5 star 20. Ken h 02 Dec 2014 

excellent quality as usual.


5 star 21. BRIAN M 21 Jan 2015 

So much better than filament bulbs It's the doggies doo-dahs.ac63


5 star 22. Patrick H 03 Feb 2015 

5 minutes to fit and is bright and works well, excellent piece of kit.


5 star 23. Dave G 30 Mar 2016 

Great quality product, easy to fit and a great improvement on the original light.


5 star 24. Eddie 23 May 2015 

Excellent product Excellent service Thank you


5 star 25. Keith 09 Jan 2016 

fantastic fit ,excellent quality , a simply must have item , highly reccomended


5 star 26. J S 25 Sep 2017 

Very tidy product & a straight replacement for the existing unit on my 1961 series 2. Wires are a good length & the lights are nice & bright.


5 star 27. Lee B 27 May 2016 

Ordered at 3pm Thursday, arrived 10am Friday. Fantastic service and can't fault the product, fitted in under 10 minutes and much brighter than the old back light and also far better quality than the rubbish bulb holder that was there originally. No more spare bulbs in my toolbox!


5 star 28. Richard S 03 Sep 2016 

Easy online selection and order process, great service and very happy with the product. Easy to fit too!


5 star 29. John w 12 Nov 2016 

Great product.Fast delivery


5 star 30. Steve W 05 Dec 2016 

Rear LED is very easy to fit, it takes literally a couple of minutes. It is twice as bright as the standard bulb and has also completely stopped the diming of my front light when i brake. In addition to this the problem of my SIP speedo blacking out when i break has now gone. Money well spent as far as i am concerned. My only negative is that my rear number plate is not illuminated as bright as usual, i can live with this for now and will probably find a reason when i have time. Delivery was very quick and overall im pretty chuffed with it. Taa. Steve.


5 star 31. Jeff P 02 Mar 2017 

As described on the tin... Fits out of the box and is a simple plug and play.


5 star 32. Paul B 09 Nov 2017 

Great service from MB as always. Not fitted yet so can't say about brightness etc but that seems covered in the other reviews. Just another quality bit of kit from MB. Keep it up guys


5 star 34. Paul C 27 Mar 2019 

Top dollar service from here! I purchased one which I thought wasn't working & it was replaced immediately. I subsequently found that it was my incompetence that was at fault and not the product. Now fitted within minutes & is a great bit of kit. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


5 star 35. David J 05 Sep 2019 

good quality


5 star 36. Steve W 06 Sep 2019 

Simple to fit, much brighter than original or LED bulbs. Well worth the price.


5 star 37. Don R 30 Oct 2019 

Fitted and working in 10 minutes. No problem at all, I'm not a mechanic or auto electrician, front light doesn't dip at all when brake light on even on tick over. Can't believe how good it is, quite simply it's a must fit improvement. even My scooter is already running on 12 volt the headlamp was useless when braking. If you buy one of these kits you won't regret it.


5 star 38. Don R 30 Oct 2019 

Fitted and working in 10 minutes. No problem at all, I’m not a mechanic or auto electrician, front light doesn’t dip at all when brake light on even on tick over. Can’t believe how good it is, quite simply it’s a must fit improvement. even My scooter is already running on 12 volt the headlamp was useless when braking. If you buy one of these kits you won’t regret it.


5 star 39. Mungo 13 Nov 2019 

a nice neat unit, east to fit and works nicely ,


5 star 40. Karl M 22 May 2020 

Excellent service as always...highly recommended


5 star 41. Bob M 04 Feb 2021 

Great item only criticism is it could be made to fit better. Otherwise great.


5 star 42. Charlie H 17 Nov 2021 

Great product and service Just check your wiring as not colour to colour but all explained on website Very clear


5 star 43. Ronnie l 30 Mar 2022 

Absolutely superb bit of kit, really bright light and brake light, I ended up buying two, for me it's the way forward, I'd recommend this unit to a any lambretta owner.


5 star 44. Chris W 26 Jan 2023 

Received quickly in spite of postal disruption. It was easy to fit to my Indian GP. I just filed a flat on the sharp edges of the plastic reflector and guled it in position with silicone. Result a much improved rear light


5 star 45. Ken J 23 Jun 2023 

Thank you Mark for this great quality product, so easy to fit and the rear lighting is fantastic. Highly recommended.

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Kai on 01 May 2024 asked "I wired as per instructions (on 12V ignition). My original holder and bulb are working fine but was looking for extra brightness. with this unit hooked up per instructions II get the brake light working but no running lights. Any troubleshooting advice? "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Connect it direct to a battery to see if its a faulty light unit and go from there

Russell B on 21 Feb 2020 asked "Hi Mark Is this the correct fitting for Spanish winter model. Thank you "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Not 100% sure but I think it should use this Series 1/2 type. MBGM0249

Seann on 20 Jun 2018 asked "Will it hook up on a standard 6v series 3?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: No you need this part numberMBGM0248

Mike s on 27 Mar 2018 asked "Why won't it work in carello housing. They are shaped yes, but the wiring requirements match and if it needs to be trimmed a bit it can. I do not see the reason for the statement please explain cheers"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Ive not personally tried it but like with some GP housings you can trim the outside edges and silicone seal it in place and works a treat

Jon M on 14 Mar 2018 asked "I am running a varitronic 12 volt AC system. I would like brighter and more efficient tail light. I am nervous about LED's running without a battery. Will the fluctuations in power damage these LED's or board? Is there any type of capacitor or regulator on this board to help minimize flickering and damage? I do have a bgm 12 volt regulator installed currently. Thank you!"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: The Varitronic is a regulated system so it stops the spikes coming through to the LED. So should work perfect and improve your headlight

Paul on 10 Feb 2018 asked "Hi, does this LED board just push into the rear light lens or should it be secured with glue or silicone. Seems a decent fit without glue (Non Carello type light unit) but worried it may vibrate loose. Cheers, Paul"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: This type is clamped by the rear lens, but you could silicone seal it in place

James W on 01 Aug 2017 asked "Hi Mark could you give me the OD measurements please as I have a series 2 with what looks like a series 3 light lense on it Thanks James"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: 122 x 47mm

Alan D on 26 Feb 2016 asked "Do you have any more updates as to when there will be a new GP version without having to use the silicone to hold into place ?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Sorry no plans for it.

Angelo on 02 Mar 2014 asked "With the series 3 one specifically SX, do you remove the original bulb holder in or take it out completely ? Thanks. "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Take it out completely

F.harris on 28 Aug 2013 asked "will this work on a standard 6 volt uk spec (battery)sx 200. "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: You will need this one MBGM0248

Darran c on 11 Oct 2012 asked "which way is up?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: There's a row with more leds point these downwards

Marc D on 23 May 2011 asked "I have a question about "LED rear light reflector, 12v Series 3, BGM" will it fit the later version series 2 back light thanks marc"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes it will fit but needs some modifications doing. I believe there is a Series 1 and 2 version due soon.

Richard on 21 Jan 2011 asked "I have a question about "LED rear light reflector, 12v Series 3, BGM" Have they got any further with the ones to fit a series 1 rear lamp yet??"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: They are asking for some smaller samples, Im waiting on my idea, 1 fits all.

Al on 09 Jun 2010 asked "I have a question about "LED rear light reflector, 12v Series 3, BGM" Does this work on 12V ac scooters? Thanks Al"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: They work with both AC and DC systems.

Adriang on 17 Feb 2010 asked "I have a question about "LED rear light reflector, 12v Series 3, BGM" Do they light up red or white? Wondering if it would work with a customised, coloured rear light lens from Clauss Studios. "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: With normal lights they light up red, but there is a series of 4 white LED lights which light the number plate, when the brake light is pressed the red LEDs are even brighter but the white number plates LEDs remain the same.

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