Lambretta Electronic ignition low tension coil 11mm


This is a quality item,  usually a direct replacement on all Electronic stators.

Sometimes some small mods must be done to fit this to different stators.

TIP! When ever you replace an electrical ignition part always strobe and check the timing is correct.

Lambretta Electronic ignition low tension coil 11mm
  • Lambretta Electronic ignition low tension coil 11mm
  • Lambretta Electronic ignition low tension coil 11mm

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5 star 1. Duncan A 20 May 2016 

Another quality part from MB easy to change over and fits well

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Rosco on 18 Jun 2016 asked "Will this fit to vespa t5"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: It should do

Michael on 27 Jul 2015 asked "Hi, in the process of fitting new low-tension coil and pickup on the stator.... nu low tension coil comes with a grommet to hold it in place.... trying to figure out if grommet can be disposed of altogether or find a way to flare it out from bottom and seat it securely..... or maybe tap a new thread and use a screw and loctite 270..... any tricks or warnings to doing this ....? thanks..."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: It needs the pin fitting. Very easy to do, fit it and hold it down on a hard surface with the domed end down then use a punch to bend over the other side

Marc J on 29 Apr 2015 asked "Hi, I received one of the low tension coils this morning, I just wondered what these coils should test across, mine is around 0.6 ohm, previous coils I have tested are usually around 400 Ohms.. Cheers marc.."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Low tension coils should measure from 380 - 530 depending on which coil you are testing. BGM should measure around 520-530 ohms.

Paul d on 22 Apr 2012 asked "does this come with all the parts shown in the photos?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: I'm afraid not anymore BGM stopped supplying them in the kits. Our terms and conditions does say photos can change to the product.

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