Lambretta Race-Tour Drive side sprocket 17 tooth, MB


This is a top quality MB front sprocket with 17 teeth.

It is mostly used to increase gearing and improve the top speed of your scooter.

If you are using a 46 tooth rear sprocket then you would need to use an 81 link chain.

Depending on the specification of your engine your engine might not have enough power in 4th gear using a 17/46 set-up.

This is usually used with Li 150 gear boxes and 46 tooth sprocket with 81 link chain.

Lambretta Race-Tour Drive side sprocket 17 tooth, MB
  • Lambretta Race-Tour Drive side sprocket 17 tooth, MB
  • Lambretta Race-Tour Drive side sprocket 17 tooth, MB
  • Lambretta Race-Tour Drive side sprocket 17 tooth, MB

£ 31.54
Price: £ 26.28 Ex Vat


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Tony on 11 Mar 2023 asked "i already have this 17t sprocket. ive now got a Mb rt195 kit fitted to my Gp 125,25 dellorto 42 af clubman box.Tameni crank 58/107. it still feel a little revvy with the current 16t /46t on so im thinking to add the 17t on to the 46r. my 8o linc chain appears slightly stretched so im guessing ill need the 81 linc. will it also give ample more time in lower gears and smooth out the top end further. many thanks Tony."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: I would go for the same gearbox with standard sprockets 18 x 47 and 82 link chain

Jeremy J on 07 Feb 2023 asked "Hi hopefully you can help! I've got 125 special with scootopia 185 top end 22mm carb it go's very well around town but on open road it's screaming can I use 17 front sprocket 46 rear and 81 chain do you thithis will help or do I need to change something else ? Many thanks Jeremy "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: That gearing should be better

Lee on 05 May 2016 asked "Hi there I want to fit this 17 tooth sprocket to a 46 rear with Li150 gearbox.& 81 Iwis chain. I also Have a Casa 185 cylinder kit, with Scootopia gp crank and also Scootopia ancilotti exhaust. So the question is will I be ok with gearing? I'm not worried at all about top end speed just a bit of torque up through the gears and as long as it can go at about 50 - 60mph in top without a problem ... Look forward to your advice... Regards Lee"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: I would leave it standard at 15 x 46 it should do what you want if the kit and engine is set correctly

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