Lambretta Bearing, small end, 16x20x20mm, Yamaha


This is a middle of the range bearing, better than the budget one but not as good as the INA one.

Lambretta Bearing, small end, 16x20x20mm, Yamaha

£ 14.18
Price: £ 11.82 Ex Vat

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Lambretta Bearing, small end, 16x20x22mm, Yamaha for wide pistons

This bearing is used in pistons machined to use original piston shims where the crankshaft has big end shims fitted.... [more]

£ 14.20£ 11.83 (Ex Vat)

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5 star 1. Sid B 14 Jul 2022 

Fitted first time no fuss. Road the bike to do the Normandy landings not a hiccup

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Paul m on 12 Dec 2017 asked "Hiya, is this bearing ok to use with a standard LI/SX conrod and piston shims ? its for a standard SX150 engine. Many thanks Paul "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes perfect

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